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  1. That tuna belly looks a lot like salmon belly....;)
  2. Sorry about the size. Ill resize once I have access to an actual computer.
  3. Carnitas the hombres at work made for dinner. I love thursdays at my job. Fried egg, chicken apple sausage, caramelized onion potato hash, hot sauce Seared scallops and prawns, poached egg, sauteed onions, bushamejii mushrooms, crispy noodles, sriracha vinaigrette, togarashi, bamboo shoots
  4. First off if anyone thinks they are gonna walk into some position worth a damn straight out of school without any experience is a fucking idiot. You have to pay your dues just like anyone else. Ive said this before but, ,culinary school is what you make of it. If you take it seriously then it can do wonders for your career. It's helped me and I had already put in 7 years in kitchens. But now with my experience plus schooling im in the garaunteed saute or grill position and even lead or sous positions. Experience is key though. You gotta have grit behind the ears before you get any respect. And dennys doesnt count.
  5. Shift dinner last night. Seared scallops, braised greens, pan fried russet potato,roasted ciopolinni and garlic puree, micro mizuna.
  6. Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? Ive been here for quite awhile now. Somebody get me a beer asap.
  7. Put this together the other night, Hamachi sashimi,radish,blood orange segments,Fresno Chile, micro greens sea salt, togarashi, blood orange oil.
  8. did you know that ducks breathe through their tongues? so sticking a pipe down their throats doesn't really fuck with em as much as you would think.
  9. walmart silver and black hallelujah holla back!!!! og triple og triple!:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  10. it certainly would be somewhere on or around aroura ave. theres one ive seen circling quite often right by denny way. mad cheap dome.
  11. that girl with the drake tattoo has been making rounds eh? id make a thread about my first new years shit. it was pretty gnarly considering all the whiskey and pbr i drank. also with the addition of chicken fried steak and eggs i had for breakfast it was pretty epic. cheers to new years shits!!!
  12. sounds pretty dank fuse. for dinner tonight after xmas dinner. herb and garlic crusted rib roast with a horseradish jus, goats chevre mashed potatoes, green beans with caramelized fennel, garlic and bacon plated with a side of bulleit rye with some rocks
  13. i meant to but totally spaced. it was perfect rosey pink throughout the whole roast cause i didn't sear it first. that was the first roast from my girlfriend and I's pigs we slaughtered about 3 weeks ago. very delicious.
  14. x mas dinner at the fams house. nothing to crazy this year. i only did a couple things so that it would be easier on me and everyone else. left to right, braised greens w/wild mushrooms and dried cranberries, bone in pork loin wellington, lobster risotto. hope yall had a good christmas
  15. i read this in my head like a retard then out loud, sounds pretty natural. Negs were given for being retarded and stupid.
  16. i need to post some pictures soon. right now i'm just to lazy. last night did porkchops with acorn squash cakes, apple red onion slaw and a whiskey dijon sauce. need to work on the squash cakes didn't quite have the texture i was aiming for but still good.
  17. enjoying a ninkasi oatmeal stout right now. damn good.
  18. got a pot of gumbo thats been working for about an hour and a half. just finished the rice now i'm stuck waiting for the lady to get home from work and its on like donkey kong
  19. Fuse add salt to the water. I learned that from a co-worker. It doesnt impart any saltiness to the egg but it seems to break the shell down a bit so its much easier to peel. Did it once and it worked like a dream. Id say i used about a half cup of salt to about a gallon of water.
  20. H Im late to the party obviously but, dawg askin for money on the oontz is not a good look. I put myself through school. Shit happens yet askin for interweb peeps for money is jankie as fuck. I can barely pay my rent right nlw. You think ima ask these knuckle heads for money? no. Not gonna happen. Hustle aquire money to make rent. Stop being lazy. NURGA! Wonk sagrun!
  21. A tip for arugula on pizza or any green really. Toss in a bit of olive oil and wait till the last minute or so before putting it on. That way it just wilts and stays nice and green. Today at work set a personal best. Had to break down three chickens into boneless halves on the fly took about five minutes. Although on the sixth half i was tunneling out the thigh and leg and left a neat smiley face gash in my left index. Bled like a bitch but oh well. Chef was impressed cause he told me to not worry about tunneling them out but i did it any way. Then he made fun of me for cutting myself. All in all good day.
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