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  1. What is going on in your head when you decide to get a big face tattoo? Its mind blowing to me. And the idiots scratching peoples faces up should have their gear taken and their hands smashed with a hammer.
  2. bump that go go joint. place is hood.
  3. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es i love geso's stuff but can't read it for shit.
  4. i'll take one of each please thank you.
  5. they've got tons of built up guilt passed down through the generations and would love to take it out on your cock.
  6. i'm sure OSHA doesn't want you to drive a cherry picker without certification but climbing a goddamn 1700 foot tower with no ropes is all good. those dudes are fuckin gnarly! i almost had an anxiety attack watching that shit. wow.
  7. dope post. bump phone kwote and the cdc's and bump the fuck outta that powel car!
  8. sick thread. way too many to name. red is dope and under-rated in my opinion
  9. mecro times 2 sag creds what i'd do to get my mits on one of those grand trunk double door jawns. fuck! sick bench
  10. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es flickr stolen
  11. bump joce mecro after and seah!
  12. yo once upon a crime your inbox is full. clear it out and pm me.
  13. yo this thread is the best ever. that last one with the flashing flicks was my least favorite. definately like the rolling footage better. but dope none the less!
  14. that crimson ghost end to end is hot fire!
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