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  1. whole thread is dope, damn i needa get back on the grind! paser coupe crow dark clue pask too many heads in there
  2. bub-ole


    bump coupe deny caught that shit like 3 years ago
  3. i like paintin in grand theft autos san andreas, really get the blood pumpin'
  4. ill be all yalls mentors for a pitcher of grape kool aid and some grilled cheese sandwiches. PSYCH!
  5. damn reading this shit makes me feel like a champ, this little ass white boy drank 4 of these bad boys in one night and never had anything like blood or going to the hospital. and yes after number 4 the lightning is very nice.
  6. sweet, the public library is the best source of free freight vids. nice find!
  7. bub-ole


    gier crow at 7:50 in
  8. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es
  9. bub-ole


    a few to keep it movin
  10. thanks for the props everyone, slowly getting back into the benching, need to figure out some way to get night flicks, alot of autoracks and hicubes at night grr.
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