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Mr. Peanut

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  1. sweet post brah! deep sea mecro fire.
  2. biased indeed. guess you didn't like my panel. jerk.
  3. bummer tre couldn't finish that shit.
  4. sick benching. keep it up!
  5. Re: American WholeCar thread... :lol: he's got a point.
  6. dope rios and oakie. i wish i had autoracks at my disposal like all those toys do.
  7. sick post! bump all the cdc dudes. i seen a bunch of those tr cars with pretty nasty buff jobs.
  8. i guess it's where they're from then. it's always something different. route 66?
  9. what's the deal with all the random things printed on the cryo doors? i've seen some weird shit on them.
  10. phone and skye wordup
  11. that ouija wholecar is the shit and bump ero an joce
  12. sick post. bump all the joce up in hurr
  13. phone and company on those flat extendos. freshski.
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