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  1. i see what your saying, but the way you said it came off mad disrespectful. anyways bump for aids those dudes are not sleeepin.
  2. •nakEd

    seen in chicagoland part 17......

    that nace freight is illmatic
  3. we need a large lump of photo's pronto...
  4. martianfunk Joined: 25-December ''03'' <----------- fuckin hypocrit >ottodick, i agree with you.. i just splurred that out because i would prefer for this thread to not get all beefy.. andd jersey don't look like shit mang.. you need to get out more.
  5. •nakEd

    Have any of you actually..

    yeah, then make her get that shit clean. then bounce without a kiss.
  6. •nakEd

    why you're stupid

    "prepare to hear nothing!"
  7. good look on the flicks peanuttt;]
  8. its just a piecing spot man, let it go
  9. •nakEd

    Graff Girls

    any girl writers intrested in freight trains and hardcore sex? pm me<3
  10. •nakEd

    Do the cops have me?

    GOOD LUCK... most likly your fucked because you suck at racking.. sorry bro.. your best bet is to keep your story the same, and dont give in to any deals with them... talk to a lawyer
  11. •nakEd

    Made sometime to last some time

    that when is tasty
  12. •nakEd

    Hopesfall - A Types

    It seems like they just kept the name, to just keep there fame. Im not saying they are "pop" but just amongst there fans so they didnt have to be some new random named band, Thats just so pathetic that the only original band member is the guitarist.