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  1. :JERMS: solid ass shit for a long time. simple, efficiant, fluid, funky and just plain dope. epitome of making it look easy. hats off
  2. fatcopone


    yo ugly those were some kind of "Island Breezey" blunt wraps that flavor was kind of booty, haha i was kind of out of it when we got down there... peace!
  3. yo roxwell, you should post up the pic especially for gay tre, hahaha
  4. hahahahaahahahahaha... you tink dis iz de vreal quaid? IT-IS.
  5. i guess this is an old thread, but onorok is an ill writer. people may not know he put in a lot of street work in pgh a few years ago. large sized color peices in alleys, and tons of climbing spots.
  6. fatcopone


    personally, i think apel peices are hit or miss, but i do admire weird styles and stuff that could fit the category: "DARK graffiti"
  7. "I really cant wait till we fuckin smash yall..you philly heads are gonna be shocked to see one of your home town heroes rock a PATRIOTS piece.....remember though fellas its all in good fun....." theres a little bet on the line"......." just to let heads know, i was up in boston for a few days. nothing but gay kids up there. they don't even really like the patriots or football for that matter... GO EAGLES
  8. you are all wrong: 1. MC PAUL BARMAN - PAULLALUJUH lyrical highlights include: "i think about all the pube i got while reading the rubaiyot" "...it regurges my urges to submerge in her giz..." "...wynona ryder. goin' inside'er..."
  9. wow larry, you've got the 'bland color-scheme peice' bench game on lock...
  10. fatcopone


    i like arek. whoever invented the "'freeze' technique" cartoon is brilliant.
  11. at my old local corner shop downtown, there was an old creep who would 'read' the porno isle in the wee hours of the morning. the nasty part is, he would have a magnifying glass to look through!!! damn ive always liked those DESA tosses
  12. to the person that said "he's making money, and we're still out there painting": it really makes you sound jealous if you hate like that. 2cents like it or not: 1. him making money off that stuff? thats on the consumer. if you pay for that crap, whatever. i think he sucks, but he apparently works.
  13. no offense or nothin, but every time i see the word TERD on a train i just feel bad for whoever writes it...
  14. what the fuck happened to that 1st Onorok???
  15. lots of hard ass shit on here, but the "Rustofari" wins it for me on account of the "not just another str8 letter fr8 factor".
  16. fatcopone


    when i see these peices i think of: "[rocks crumbling noise]" or "bzzzzt bzzt bzzzzzzzt"
  17. charleston,sc people!!! bars apt NSF'S and and and damn thats a lot of flicks!
  18. man, im digging lions stuff a lot lately, and stelth is an underrated fr8 writer in my opinion. always has some wierd peices. cool
  19. fatcopone


    yeah, i like snafu trains. good luck in the international salsa dancing competition...
  20. yeah i love seeing these come out east; gvsr's with 30 different west coasters up all over it. smashed http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v238/porque/september/gvsr5.jpg'>
  21. this says it all! : "solemnly sailing the seas of boxcars"
  22. myth always got some on point lettering... that vts car is nice a lot of good stuff!
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