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  1. Jokes :lol::lol: I didn't think this thread could get any more pathetic. Grown men acting like little boys. I'm sure it's obvious to anybody who has half a brain that the wasteman who's sabotaged this thread has done so to hide the revelations that came out a few pages back. It's even more blatant that he doesn't represent the crews he's chatting about. Also, Key who elected you the Notts graff commentator? Yfc's have never claimed not to paint hofs, they can be fun in moderation. It's just not about painting the same spots over and over and then going on like your big in the game. Out to all YFCS, YWS, DFS, OTC, WRU. :mad:
  2. ..Dying by the oldskool :lol: Let's not forget about small kids loan shark character that was also 'borrowed' by the man in question. Can't find an example of the original online but it was blatant, all the relevant people are already aware anyway. Big up OTC, they do their thing too. I find it funny and revealing that since things kicked off in this thread people have deleted accounts and started to hold their mouths. But to all those that have been chatting shit online and been lining things for no good reason can be assured it will catch up with them at some point. Your flickers crap :mad:
  3. This is such a joke. AMP crew and co will happily post pictures with their faces out and talk about their plans on flickr for the whole world to see but a few legals get posted on here and mans get prang. If your worrying about baiting yourself up you've already done it so it's too late. What makes it even funnier is that the illegals that were posted are by the few crews actually doing it in Notts, the same ones that a lot of people seem to hate on. Times have changed, the whole games changed. 20 years ago you could spend all day down browns now it's bait spending more than 30 mins. People from out of town need to stop coming in this thread and defending the older generation and making sweeping statements about a scene they are not part of and never have been. Nobodies denying (some of) these old skool guys were real in the past but lots are questioning their attitudes towards the current scene. You don't know what sacrifices some of the younger generation have had to make for this game and the stuff they've been through. Just because it's not on flickr doesn't mean it hasn't happened, lots gets done and will continue to do so. Big up YW, YFC and DF the crews that have actually contributed to the real Notts scene over the past 5 years. :mad:
  4. GaspOne

    SAKE 5MH

    Re: SAKE You should take more care when you steal flicks^^ the 2nd down is jake from amsterdam in NYC not sake the 3rd one down has already been posted on this page and the bottom 2 are different sakes serious respect due to sake hyh bombing beast :king:
  5. Thats at hiphop kemp in Cz..^^pretty funny cus I bumped into him too mashed out my face near to that piece in the evening..guys really sound and proper humble considering he's painted mad subways allover the globe plus all the streetwork hes put in. Big up seiko :king: and the guy from the optimen who gave me a marker;)
  6. I prefer not to respond to nobodys.. but who the fuck are you to talk about a scene that you've had no impact in or influence on and obviously no knowledge of... stay in mansfield or whatever backwards town your from...talk that shit to the handful of real Notts writers that are out there risking it on the regs and see what happens.. it's very easy to sit behind a screen and talk shit but if you do it to man's faces you wont have a face left. and that goes for everyone that doesn't put in street work in Notts and chats shit about those that do. 2007 Nottingham graff war you fucking cunts
  7. yo blud don't get rude :mad:
  8. No, I suggest you stick to your city centre comfort zone toy..get caught out in the wrong sides and you will get hurt. :mad: Too many out of towners thinking their big boys..but notts aint the city for acting up without putting any work in... so to all those that are keep it up and we'll see what happens, and to the fake notts writers going over the wrong people at the wrong spots thinking their bad mans will get seriously dealt with. 2007 nottingham graffiti war you fucking cunts. :hatred:
  9. that walls shit^:shakehead:
  10. safe..should work now :scowl:
  11. :shook: :skull: it wont let me post flicks?? just hyperlinks...fuck new 12oz and fuck you
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