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  1. 12oz help me help them help you!


    ZUNE hire me today. I want to be your shameless shill.


    FUCK AN IPOD, yes i have 3, but that with standing they dont need my help. Zune on the other hand, could use the help of the design and marketing house of HEV & LOX Design Crib™.


    But really, i know i can reach your potential audience better or then you are now, Dogs returning with more then the paper? Really? Come on, dog, dogs are over.

  2. This is an issue. when certain busy body, but well intentioned folks do you 'favors' that are not really favors. this generally happens when fools THINK they know you and thus to just be nice they step out on a limb and fuck you with a smile...And then hev's the asshole when he politely lets you know your NOT helping...


    Dont ask my boss if shorts are office appropriate, thats not helping me, if i wanted to know Id ask. My plans is to find out while wearing them. I believe in DO FIRST ASK FOR FORGIVENESS LATER.


    Yes im looking for an apt, NO i dont want to live below one your wack ass friends even though its a fucking good deal... YOURE NOT helping me.


    WTF people mind your business and well get along fine, i say this full well knowing i pry into everyones business around me, if the doors open Hevs coming in ||. Dont leave me in your house if you dont want me making a B-line to your bedroom to see whats up, second room being the bathroom.


    rejoice that this is the first of 5 useless thread ideas i had on the way to work this morning. lets get this started....

  3. the cone of silence is the best spy device ever. Plus its site specific thus its use will never get in the way as Hev travel the city world streets.



    Device Transgressions:

    1. Slow walking:
      this is when some jackass is slow walking in front of you while they engage in
      their devicifornication™. Just step the fuck aside.
    2. swerve walking:
      these are the fools the always managed to swever int he direction you try and
      pass them. Like fuckin reverse front magnets. If i step in fornt of the bus will
      you too?Please. you first.
    3. Door way lingerer:
      this is a subway/elevator this. Fool linger in the doorway so you: miss the
      train (thanks Fuckos), Miss your stop (That DS is gonna visit your colon hows
      that for interactive?), The fool who are slow.swerve walking into and or
      around a doorway area.
    4. Line Fucktards:
      these are the people who spend 20 minutes in line in front of your talking, or
      otherwise engaded in bullshit while they could be looking at the menu or
      gaining some sort of clue as to what the fuck they came to the store for in the
      first place. FUCK starbucks They coffee and um COFFEE, let GO.



    by all means,,,

  4. Dear Fellow citizen consumers


    Okay, so let it be first said, hev enjoys devices (||, keep it above the waste now fool) much like

    the next man. Hev sees how they have augmented the world we live in and can make huge strides

    making more efficient our daily operations (gangStarr hold your head). That being said you fuckos

    are in my fucking way all day with your world sized focus just large enough to fit only you and the

    device you have at the time. I am a peaceful dude, ras keep it kool, but you all are seriously

    getting the lion Vex. Suitcases with wheels were bad enough, scuff my shoe, you will lose! FUCK

    YOU TRIP, most of yall are going to work or school, seriously do you need to transport that much

    shit everyday? that you need it to be on wheels? humans evolved to the point we could carry shit,

    now we back to draggin it? FUCK out of here; but i digress.


    Now hev know, some of these devices cost loot, not all of you are in the game and getting shit on

    the hustle, Hev, hisself has been know to drop real money on shit at the store. SO after spending

    this money to upgrade your image in most cases and real lives in a few, do you not think maybe

    stepping to the side of the platform, the edge of the sidewalk, the wall of the hallway, aside or

    ahead in line to get served at your favorite dub spot, might be, not only considerate but maybe a

    lil respectful and mindful of your money costing device?




    Never minding the fact that i got shit to do places to be, excuses to make for not having work done

    that dont involve the truth about your ignant ass getting vicked over some dumb shit. Please, can

    you just Luda for me already and MOVE? Soon i will start five finger denying your shit like im MJ

    stealing points from you noob rookies fresh from college ball who don't know shit about the game.

    You will find your 800$ one piece reversed, 800 pieces worth one dollar.




    PLEASE::: before Hev has to change his name to Felony Phill, wake the fuck up and pay attention

    Dumbies. If your walking down the street texting and i face mush you to the ground dont look at

    me like i didnt warn you, "awe Heavy i dint know the rule was in effect now! you aint have to do

    all that!" For you bitches i am sending this out as a text msg to, i know yall fruity asses will read it

    then. fuck.




    if you own a device that allows you to loose focus as you move through public be prepared,

    if your not mindful and considerate, to be awoken and put back to sleep in one foul earth shattering

    move, brought to you by all the love Hev has.


    I love you nigga, now, get up and walk away.


    Love always Hev XOXOXOX||

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  5. shark_wave.jpg





    "ALEX, what is reason heavy will not swim on the open ocean? With a side of...i smoke more blunts then a little bit, what are you an idiot the more i smoke the smaller the philly get."

  6. Educated black folks know the black community has issues. Nothing is holding them (or anyone) back except education. Also, black folks have a lazy stigma they need to get over. In my opinion, (and some blacks hate hearing this from me , cause I'm not black) but too many black people fit into the ignoramus stereotypes and ruin it for hardworking educated black folks.




    unfortunately there is an entire industry set up around reinforcing these idea as cool acceptable and unavoidable. The same can be said for the millions of female teens running around dressing and acting like whores cause the life style is being reinforced, they could NOT dress that way, but the deck is stacked so that the (immediate, which is what most lower class folks have the time to focus on) reward favors the idiocy.

    We all suffer from the distraction that is the side rings of the circus to the point that the center ring is never examined, in another way then it being sloganized in the shows happening round the main stage.


    hev/alone in the dark clutching my four-fi'th, ready to set on you bitches.


    but clearly they left out the word 'million' in the phrase One Love.

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