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  1. Everything about her annoys the hell out of me.


    And she's FAR from funny. Or entertaining.

    the lone star state has retarded your funny... get that fixed and you to will love you some wanda ||ho nomo

  2. favors that aint really favors?

    like insane overzealous girls that buy you coats with no knowledge of your personal taste, or even size, then ask to be paid back? ha.


    for the record hev, i didnt look in a single thing of yours while staying in your crib. also for the record, next time, your shits getting ran.


    you say that now cause you newly wifed up, but at the time it was slightly less wierd and slightly more awesome, "hev some chic was worried id die of cold so she hooked up a coat for me, only 30 bones no biggie"

    Hev said you say that now....



    you seen how i keep a house aint shit to snoop through its all spread out for god and the world to see... porn is clearly marked by the foideer name XXXPORN-here-XXX...



    the wack favors are more like when some one suggests (as a favor) to you that you try and get a seat with more leg room on a flight home from hong kong and that ends up with hev sitting next to a lecherous gay old dude and a retarded Chinese dude oh coughed on you enough to give you sars, and had a weird hand bendy gimpy affect

  3. fuck huckabee. id rather have giuliani as president. at least people would have basic social freedoms while their country was crumbling to the ground.


    seriously america...i fucking dare you elect a christian minister as your president.


    in a country full of idiots its not wise to dare them to fuck things up worse you know they do it...

  4. heavy has a Bazooka tube in the trunk:



    shit is removable if you need the trunk space || and for my money and ear really rounds out the factory sound. If its not volume your looking for the bass tubes are not bad. Im sure audio snobs will laugh at me for it or whatever, but my shit bumps on the inside || and thats cool for me HEv dont need the world bouncing wif me, i bounce hard enough alone || (ladies this is not a masturbation reference please sleep with me).





    herrow there issue solved.

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