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  1. No, I'm not Defy.


    All I can say is that when people get played, feelings get hurt. Everybody knows that. I got played before, but rest assured that I only let a few people know about it. Dhabz is a good dude. I talked to him a lot on SLSK in 2005, and now I realize that this broad is who he was talking about? My man, you can do better. Way better. And to all you 12 oz. new jacks that don't know, this is the way shit gets done around here. People like Dhabz who were here from the jump get ran off of this site for no good reason at all. It's fucking wack. Then you get stuck with a bunch of shit talking do nothing faggots who need cheerleaders to prop up their egos so they can feel important. Dhabz, check your PMs. We need to catch up, dog.


    wow sounds like someone wants they D in habz... good show. yall should get together and re-gay.



  2. playing online games and actually talking to the people you are playing with kind of kills it for me.

    ill say whats up to the fools (fool) i know and mock everyone else for telling me truthfully how bad i am at video games... its a win win, minus the fact that i consistently lose.

  3. TWO things.


    1. this thread is filled with a whole heap of GAY sprinkles with some decadent fag flakes... dudes talking about dresses and shit. FOUL BALL> ho nomo
    2. why is seeks not offended at being called out as the second largest hoe on 12oz after the other chic....
      seeks, it turns out is the real 120z floozy roaming around linking with 12ers across the world... and to think my couch is tainted as well NO HOMO
      HEV/"Ho NOMO"

  4. Re: Kleenex....


    FOR those of you confused let me run it down...


    Mams posts picture.

    hev demands access to the entire album

    mams folds under pressure from the press and congress.

    hev gets pass word.

    the phrase, "It was mamtasticle" is uttered in a ho nomo way


    questions? comments?

  5. Re: Kleenex....


    mams whats the password to your photo bucket account so i can snoop around.. post here i promise as soon as i see it ill delete it. NO LIE. Ho NOMO.


    and I too have BBC news feeding im surprised this hasnt been covered in the international presses yets. if only there were a bucket involved.

  6. the only knife i use is to butter my bread. KEEP the doe flowing heavy....



    leathermen are useful these other knives are a waste of doe...unless you camp and do outdoors man shit.



    i use my SAP gloves when i masturbate.

  7. for real people on the train b buggin everyday. How i saw kofi fresh from west africa on the train yesterday. my dud had headphones on his head that were connected to NOTHING, the cord went into his pocket, but was split so it also has an orange mini. My dude kept pulling out his wack phone and trying o make a show of pluggin the head phones into his phone which after the first time he know would work; my dude jsut needed to show the train he had a phone. mean while hes also continuously checkin his watch, nigga theres a clock on your phone, whos time you jsut checked, your watch is a digital casio painted gold, who are you fooling? And to TOP off the show my dude was in club mode dancing his ass off (air rappin) trying to grind up on every lady in his area on the train.


    so headphones plugged into to nothing, dancing like hes listening to the hot shit. Fake gold timex watch. finna grind core up on anything with boobs...

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