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  1. type R


    alot of my friends are going up with the group from Eurotuner, look for the group that all say DUBLIFE on the cars.
  2. i have never heard of that committee....enlighten us.
  3. type R

    Amtrak Line

    shit out here used to get buffed like crazy, but they've been slacking lately, only the stuff directly next to the lines (bridges, power boxes, etc.) gets buffed on the regular now.
  4. one factor that does influence the results of being stopped is age, at least in my area.. if you are under 18 then most likely you wont be going home anytime soon, because of the bullshit of parents, etc. that goes with being a minor, this has not only happened with graffiti but also with parties that have been busted, anyone over 18 had there info taken and was released, but the minors had to be escorted home by a parent..this is in response to the post saying not to carry an ID, just remember it can both help and hurt you, and lying never hurt either.
  5. type R

    Wesley Willis

    wesley willis has a posse.
  6. fudwal;khj i'm gonna have to go with the "jerking off with crunchy peanut butter would have been better that that" response.
  7. asdfsds definetly long hair for me.
  8. ok no beef, but i think i have an idea who shaken is, unless when i painted with him he was posing as someone else, and i guess all those pictures i have of the vertical Vfr tags are just make believe...i'm not some "young buck", but if you look at your post, FBA isnt anywhere near spades name, hense my question...chill.
  9. which spade is that?? the kos spade? just curious.
  10. lace baby yeah. american gladiator re-runs on "the new" tnn...something about those women climbing the wall gets me all worked up.
  11. type R


    thats insane, my friend has a mk3 Vr turbo and he is in the 12's...are they shooting dry Nos or something? on another note, he tops out at 165 and just got arrested for running from the police.
  12. type R

    The Mag

    clout. urban autograph. life sucks die. show and prove. while you were sleeping is nothing but fashion now.
  13. type R


    junior in the fall and i'm a psych major...i'll have to apply for graduate school soon also, now i am just trying to get through the internships i need....fuck me.
  14. would someone post a flick of the ewok that was in the back of "the art of getting over"...i dont know if it's already been posted or not.
  15. asdfjh i'm guessing you still need a parent/guardian to get into a PG-13 film.
  16. fsdg why dont you stop talking about it and go take pictures already.
  17. the one in the mall i live near got robbed the other day. it's in the middle of the food court and everything, it happened at like 8:00 at night too.
  18. asd which site? if its the one i put a link to, then my friend has been to busy with other shit to update it and he is really lazy, but it you were talking about a different site then just kick me in the face.
  19. sdff now there is nothing wrong with buying a little montana now and then.:crazy:
  20. kos. Terror in the Burbs like whoa.
  21. alot of cancer, tone, evil, vaze, etc... check out this site for alot of AI shit... www.geocities.com/eyepoison
  22. bump for the classic ugly
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