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  1. probably because its a forum with a high majority of americans and that they will then ask "woah where did you caught these canadian cars?" so obviously because we know that this will happen we say "caught in canada.." and you're a canadian yourself, so stop speaking at a 3rd person like you were some cool guy or some kinda shit this post sucked Quoted post [/b] wow thank you for pointing out that vital information... Until you mentioned it, I've never noticed that anyone has asked where I, or anyone else, 'caught these cars'. I've only been makeing posts here sin
  2. the modern age of video footage....3+ angles of something that would be amazing to even see ONE of.
  3. problem with Canadians is when they feel the need to say 'Canada' next to everyting/anything they do. How many threads say 'Caught in America'???
  4. you catch some of the nicest cars
  5. every new NS I've seen that was built from 98+ is the standard Dupont freshpaint colour. If the new fleet was black, the new cars would be built that way.
  6. this is happening to almost all other railroads, so it's not surprizing. Most of the BNSF boxes I've painted are fresh paints, I can't see them painting them again.
  7. Simply because it's has a Golden West paint job, doesn't make it a GVSR. In all truth, it was probably a VCY or UPFE code. Yes they are out there, though they're receiving the new ARMN 'Building AMerica' paint job as are the rest of the fleet.
  8. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/fr8otech/january/post_009.jpg[/img}
  9. That's all I got before my 'Que' to exit
  10. Before you fly off and feel the need to tell me that some of these are blurry, take a second and realize that no one else was benching during this, so take it at that. part two:
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