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  1. whoiseuth where did you spot these man?
  2. nice post lions harsh where do you bench?
  3. "Fed up with ugliness. I want a more civil world for my two daughters. " I fucked his 2 daughters in the ass and then tagged their face with the jizz..fuckin loser! yo repost that shit! cant see anything and the links dont work!
  4. good benching! kwest hazel stel
  5. someone from barcelona because im moving there in 10 days
  6. sick post man!! really.. that crae is fuckin hawt i think the conservators will come in.. i dont share their values, but it could help prevent the separation of provinces since they wants to give more power to the provinces..i would love if canada stays together, we need to keep our family tight to protect ourself from those silly neighbours!
  7. damni caught that unfinished sek too! nixon came out pretty good
  8. nice nice ident, lots of oldies in there JOME KOLUN TWICE LEP DASH 5 ONO AOR WYSE CRAE ERUPTO RIP HEIST FUCK CAP
  9. prism navy toaster lunch iceman ident aor soldiers stoak over yes2 damn good benching man
  10. fucking right! corscrew johnny waaaahh
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