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Born Loser

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  1. i think i might go skateboard today.
  2. Re: Any room for "doubt"? what he said
  3. Born Loser

    Say What

    neither of my two accounts work now.. did i miss something while i was gone.. earmuffs. by the way this is the thread of the year
  4. how is it that this guy just replied and now hes banned? Quoted post [/b] magic... whole lot a magic
  5. paris looks like she would be a bad fuck judging by those videos, but id still hit it :king:
  6. hey i dont like how you cant tell the threads you have viewed already.
  7. I just watched Office Space for the first time.. yeah I know im a little late on that one
  8. 5 of us in total... 2 older sisters in their 30's younger brother 23 and yonger adopted sister 19 me 26 on the 25th
  9. :lol: I may be drunk but still that shit just busts me up :lol:
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