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  1. :lol: holly fuck kilo youre now my favorite member thats honestly is the funniest thing I've ever read in my life :lol:
  2. < incert random jibberish here >
  3. All-time Greatest Wordsmith when Member That You'd Love To Give A Wedgie suki suki Member You'd Love To Slap flow-ish frate raper Best Suck-Up Member Pistol Member Who Deserves More Credit For Their Work Dee Member Who Posts The Most Interesting/Insightful Threads PMB Best Overall Poster Dee Hardest Working Mod smart Thread Hijacking Member 360 Member Who Knows Too Much For His/Her Good Arcel Most Stubborn Member (Who Won't Let His/Her Posts Die) Tease Funniest Mod/Admin johnny Best Signature Bigoatser - pimping Jesus Member Most Likely To Do Unthinkable Things To A Goat ZeeZee Most Active Member Arcel Member With No Life Arcel Spamming Member ME Most Productive Member elmammro Most Annoying Member aichs47 Funniest Member Bigoatser Member Of The Year PMB
  4. I hate dealing with ex's I usually just run from my problems...
  5. fuck my girlfriend is stressin me the fuck out..I hate being a scorpio...GOD!!! today was so bad I woke up at 9:30 and left for a brief minute and I've been pouting around the apartment all day..Why do girls do these things..I said I would never fall in love again but I did... now im fucked.. My life is the total shits right now. My first love I used to live with and haven t spoken to in a year and a half called me outta the blue yesterday and said shes comming to town and wants to hook up...if you knew the history you'd understand..HTe last time we spoke I told her I didnt want to talk to her anymore cuz of my feelings i still had for her..now I'm scared that seeing her might re-kindle these feelings I once had. SOMEONE HELP ME!!:confused:
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