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  1. wassssuup.....this is an official retirement thread(unless the mod thinks otherwise) anyway im retiring my user name cuz it is my time to go...and its 4/20 i wouldnt have seen this if it wasnt for Poop Man Bob.....thank you.;) :king: ;) :king: ;) this should be a sticky for all you great usernames that will move on to retire here and all the newbies can look at it and say "WOOW, most_blunted was here"(well that would of sounded better if i was famous)
  2. how the fuck can you not see the fucking bird??????.....its right there......the whole clip is about the bird?........ grade A+. thank you PMB.:king:
  3. this shit is fucking hilarius(SP?)
  4. ^^^^ yea i knew jay-z had something to do with it.....good looks i got the song.......... lalalalala lalalal laalalal lalala blah!!!
  5. nope i alredy know that one its old....there is a new one not by redman but by someone else.
  6. whats the song called that has an arabian beat......i think its by jay-z but i dono the reall name?
  7. well hello people........hi how are....yea you guessed it im high as fuck right now.....i probably wont rememba when i made this thread and watever but thats not the point.....anyway i saw this tobbaco comercial and i saw this kid painting a person and the image came out to look like "SEEN" and i was wondering if "SEEN" has passed away?
  8. BluntedMonky

    Just Say No

    what kind of markers are those??
  9. since i cant talk about smoking blunts lets talk about how we get fucked up! http://www.hennesseystavern.com/HennHARPLogo.gif'> are your ready to get fucked up?(hell yea) are you ready to get fucked up?(hell yea) i cant hear you?(HELL YEA) i got this hennesey/ rollin up on all my 12 oz enemies/ its 7 oclock im thinkin "yea its the right time for the mods heart to stop"/ when i hear the pop i know i hit the right spot/ im a fucking beast the disease rolling from the middle east/ im only 16teen fuck speed fuck weed if i cant talk about it when in need/ fuck 12oz fags fucking with me under the influence will leave you in left over body bags/ fucking wannabe writers ill take you out with one shot like the dc snipers/ dont test unless you want to take on to the chest/ im stepping up redy to die always one step away so you cant see my tear cry/ i have so many games i could be fucking you mom here i come dropping verses like bombs/ say goodbye to maryjane hennesey is the new name thats easing my pain/ ill page one of my soldiers to blouge your brain/ im insane when i hijack a plane and blow it up in mid air i rain! s-s-s-sipping on some hennessey (sipping on some motherfucking hennessey) s-s-s-sipping on some hennessey (sipping on some motherfucking hennessey) s-s-s-sipping on some hennessey ( sipping on some motherfucking hennessey)
  10. wtf?.....why did you close that thread its not like the people dont alredy know.....and then they have all the rotten.com threads and you dont close that...wtf?....thats some bullshit it wasnt stating go out and buy the fucking thing it was a bored song....wtf?:mad: :mad: :mad:
  11. ok kiddies i did this in a quicky i think it should be a sticky! ok first of you gatta buy the blunt no money? it dont matter ya fucking punk bum some money from the drunk 60cents is all you need, the weed, indeed the middle you have to split use your fuckin fingertips to brake of the cancer shit take out the tobbacco and lick the left over layer chips watch out! if ya gonna lick it you gotta be quick with it! put a little bit of spit on ya fucking lips! then spread it all laround but dont let it fucking rip! once you get the stuff, spread the stuff around till you cover the whole fucking blunt take ya thumb and ya index finger hold it up like your about the pull the trigger roll the blunt in a circular motion and watch the shit get thighter once you get to the tip that shit you gotta lick. thats how you roll a blunt get a lighter and light it up!
  12. fucker........avoiding my emails....:rolleyes:
  13. wow you guys need a life....(expecially directed to dirty)...whats this your 829736 post?........
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