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  1. The girl I'm with now is my good friends ex..they went out like 5 years ago and only dated for a few months...and hes still trippin on the fact were together.
  2. Dear friends, please send money for my internet bill, thanks, your pal YG.
  3. http://www.goodtime.com.au/clothing/chocolate.gif'> http://www.goodtime.com.au/clothing/girl.gif'>
  4. more than likely am...or drunk
  5. ***** is the #77 most common male name. 0.24% of men in the US are named ***** . Around 294000 US men are named ***** ! ******* is the #2 most common last name. 0.81% of last names in the US are *******. Around 2025000 US last names are *******!
  6. what do you think your cool
  7. I'm up to 6am everyday..I got to used to it from working grave yards..
  8. I'm sooo hyped my new bed is of the rocker!..Gonna have a good sleep tonight.
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