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  1. All City Writers is amazing. So much great info on the beginnings of the European scene. Someone really needs to do one about the USA now.
  2. Rest in Peace to a great writer and style master.
  3. I am hurt and offended at your crop.
  4. “Writing has been my companion and friend. Not always good for me, but always with me,” he says, “There’s nothing like walking down a tunnel, tripping, listening to some Pink Floyd, to create a masterpiece burner – I can’t even put it into words.” Rest in Peace IZ. While you'll no longer come back every now and then, we know you're still around.
  5. apotik komik still doing street stuff?
  6. Sonik3000

    Sento - TFP

    Re: sento cool little canvas now on my wall thanks to a few bucks and the Ket benfit auction....
  7. Doing gallery shows doesn't immediately equal getting paid. Don't get that confused!
  8. so how many of you all are still into buying one of these things?
  9. Graffiti should look like it's fun to do most of the time! Keep on rocking Kuma! And keep doing letters as little people, I always think that's awesome.
  10. Still curious. Put a dollar figure to it. How much money makes you "rich?'
  11. I am curious to hear your ideas of how much money makes someone 'rich.' Put a dollar figure to it.
  12. .the oldest mag i have is scrbble #6(rust cover w/os gemeos feat).... that was 12 oz # 6.
  13. Re: PICHAÇÃO If you want a window in to try reading some of this stuff, look at the photos that Santos L Halper just posted - TUMULOS - meaning 'tombs' - is up in each one. And in the white tags on black paper image above where there was the comment that there was tag influence... well, maybe. When you go to Rio de Janeiro the tags look loopy and tiny - as different from Sao Paulo's as Philly's are from NYC. Rio's are always in spray paint, and to me are genetically closer to the Philly hands than the Sao Paulo tags are.
  14. Re: PICHAÇÃO Means 'pichadores: maintainance (buffing) costs of this facade keep us from giving money to the church/charity' sorta for the record, pichação has been a part of São Paulo since around 1982 - and that had nothing to do with Beat Street or any other contact with NYC graff. It was buidling off a political graffiti tradition that began in the 1960s. And Philly has been going since, what - 1965 or so? The new book Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia (freenewsproject.com) has a lot of that info, btw.... The tsssss book is nice, I have it - there is cool super rookie card blackbook stuff of the gemeos, herbert, vitche, etc. Wish it were even longer and had more info!
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