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    Spray Paint

    Flame definitely made by the Sabotaz head company. There's a huge press release on their website about it. I was going to upload it here with names blacked out, but 12 said the file was too big to attach and I'm too lazy to find hosting. Also just came across this: http://www.rustoleumspraypaint.com/product/mode/

    Spray Paint

    I've always thought that Molotow was the best for steel, even the old Belton Premium and True Colorz held up super well on steel. I've seen stuff years later that has kept it's color beautifully. German Montanas do seem to hold up well also. I've had mixed results with Spanish MTN Hardcore, some of them fade into beiges/earth tones, while other colors hold perfectly. Rusto has certain colors that do this as well, so it isn't immune to fading issues either. Regarding Sabotaz and the new Flame Blue...the company behind Sabotaz makes Flame Blue for Molotow, apparently it's a mutually benefic
  3. Great show. In a way, McConaughey is playing two characters at the same time, since the show takes place in present day and as flash backs. His beer drinking, chain smoking, staring off into space drunkard character is just as good as his past self. Very well done, and those opening credits somewhat remind me of the old X-files opening - which is an all time favorite.
  4. Worse than the Seinfeld finale.

    Spray Paint

    I am excited to try the Yard Master paint from Ironlak. If it really performs as advertised they are going to do exceedingly well with it. A paint geared towards paint geeks and freight/clean writers was the only thing missing from the market. Hopefully it's not a marketing gimmick and actually is a different product as a whole. I've heard rumblings of people receiving samples during development here in the US, and knew they were working on something with old school colors, so that makes me think they did their homework and put a bunch of R&D or at least trial and error into this line. Two
  6. Steve McNair dated a Russian chick, worked out great for him.

    Spray Paint

    Buy a 6 pack, compare for yourself. The quality is at least good enough that you won't be wasting your money. It is not as good as the Montanas, but its decent, the valve is nice, and most colors cover in one shot.

    Spray Paint

    Its nice, but stay away from the light reds, yellows and oranges.
  9. We had one sneak into our snack drawer and seemingly spend a whole winter there. It ate a bunch of granola bars and left half of one out for us. The oddest thing was that it was cut with the cleanest edge, like a knife. If you got mutants, I got their OCD cousins!
  10. tried posting a photo, link isn't working I guess. NVM this post!

    Spray Paint

    I felt the same for the Clash and Beat lines, price aside, its damn good paint and certainly closer to the top 5 than many of the others.
  12. Ok fellas, what happened at Winterfell? In one scene dudes are giving up, in the next scene its burning down and there's nobody left. What did the show skip? Some crazy battle?

    Spray Paint

    Based on one person's opinion. How is krylon even on the list? Some brands were judged on value while others were judged on quality and performance. There should have been better guidelines for judging but overall if nothing else its a good read.
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