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  1. dr. frink one


    ahhahah that was priceless
  2. that is so sad... i don't even know what to say..
  3. avils is so real... even when getting with the hottest girl... somehow... anal is still the thing on the mind. good luck.. remember the old anal sex threads we would rule?
  4. oh, and to avils... that only happens to me when I have cum like 3 times or more... then i don't know weither it will happen. I find that if I persevere....it always works..it just takes a ton of energy. If you don't feel like you will AND you don't have any energy... it might help just being honest with the girl.. if you are like, I don' tthink i can cum.. she will a) ask questions and you will explain B) Be please at the oppurtunity to have you try some nice shit for her c) sleep. d) or...try EVERYTHING possible to make sure you finish!
  5. i really like how much black there is in the fill on this one.. its like semi-transparent... me likes: http://www.bombingscience.com/graff/bomb456tfgh45yhu.jpg'>
  6. where can i find this, i would love more pictures. If you have more post 'em up!
  7. apart from the normal body cleanliness shit igo through isi miaki? gean paul gautier aqua de gio safari gucci envy... usually shit like that i love having a long shower, having a nice shower, and getting all clean and putting on cologne...i love it
  8. fosik is the coolest writer ever. I can't get enough
  9. Re: THE ONLY ACET I HEARDA oh shit!
  10. o'clock has a spraypaint animation too... how do you guys make those?
  11. that is nice... so clean... so much potential
  12. that is one of the nicest freight posts I ahve seen in a longggg time gooood shit post more!!!
  13. you have good ideas...just practice.. like the character...how big is it?
  14. hotter than heat.... what kind of paint do you use
  15. alright, I haven't read the other replies but here is my shot... If you just meet someone, you don't love them, so appearance is biased. You might not go for the sweetheart in the wheelchair. However, LOVE is blind, cause if you love someone and they become horribly disfigured it wouldn't change
  16. devilush you should start IMing me again...shittttt if anyone has the REAL pictures she's talking about post them!!!! yay! i'm marrying her not you!
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