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  1. way to join the ranks of those who get laid on the regular
  2. i have no idea who you are. you must be new.
  3. fuck, i have not been on 12oz since it got all glitched out with this easy to do html shit. its bugging me out. and i dont know whose still around here from the old days. but whatever. check out the titties and ass in this art. More here: http://www.thierrylegoues.com/picture1.html?view=Soul_0745
  4. hey man its not cool being on your cell phone in the library, people are trying to work on their papers and their myspace accounts
  5. aahahaha i am in the library and i see some one checking out 12oz brickslayers
  7. for anyone considering it; my friend reads a lot of photography blogs and forums and everyone praises the d50 as one of the best cameras they have ever owned. ive read a lot of people saying that the d50 performs much better and more consistent than their canons. the d50 price IS dropping a lot too, i think its in the low 500's now, thanks to the success of the d80 (which by the way is the finest d-slr i have ever held). if i could upgrade today (wii has priority) i would be getting a d50
  8. show us where the magic happens, or where it comes close to happening
  9. rage pants have you played with the new nikon D80's? not a bad upper end dslr at all in my opinion. but what are the chances of soemone lacing me with a nice new pretty desktop wallpaper, because im getting tired of seeing the constitution on mine and being reminded of just how badly its being shredded up on the daily. rant aside, someone want to link to some ill 1280 by 1024's or else im going to have to go out and do it my self.
  10. ive been listening to some podcasts that really go into depth into different theories, its pretty interesting. libby will still be in flashbacks even though shes dead, so apparently she fits into more stories than just desmonds i guess. apparently there is a theory she was some sort of chronic liar. we know she must be mental fucked someway, she was in the ward with hurley and then claimed to everyone she was a clinical psychologist. i think that in the pre island life she was pretty evil. well see. KoH, foot theories?
  11. how embarassing for you man. you should have called up some booty call and orchestrated her walking in on you.
  12. donnie darko is for high schoolers dealing with teen angst
  13. id rather listen to an audio recording of the noisiest shits ive ever taken
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