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    I've got plenty but a fun one was me and this dude doing a legal, an obvious legal with our cars playing music, midday, mad ladders and paint blah blah... This bitch cop rolls up all hard telling us we're going to jail, we're like Ma'am we have permission, that's why we're doing the whole side with ladders and such. She sarcastically knocks on the door of the business knowing they're closed and says "See? No one here and in a sketchy area, (was kinda mini industrial zone) now let me see your ID's". I said all polite sucking up to this cunt but I haven't done anything and she's all "I'm taking you all in" back up come, seemed they realized she was a bitch and just said go home, do it when the owner is here... Later that dumb bitch one night walked into traffic without looking and got blasted by this under-age drunk on a main street. My boy recorded it to VHS from the news (2002) and we watched it repeatedly laughing our asses off. Few years later I saw it on some stupid cable show, World's Dumbest Criminals type shit. HA!!! Found it on Youtube! Take that bitch! It wasn't a police station just a bank where they all meet up on weekend nights, and while she recovered, she was fucked up and in a wheelchair for months.
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    reversing thread for a sec, because movies to not watch: the hobbit the watchmen tron: legacy couldnt finish any of them
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    you're such a sloppy pedofile
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    Dealing with some rough shit lately. Past couple weeks have been grueling, but things turned around out of nowhere and improved my situation greatly. There were moments where i entertained the idea of getting wasted, but i stifled 'em without issue. Even considered going to a meeting, just because I was feeling pretty alone. Couldn't find one that was near enough and at a plausible hour. Skateboarding has been probably the biggest help, along with my homies who that entails. Been reading more lately... not sure why, but books kind of were lost on me for the past year or so. Looking forward to what the future holds. Grateful I don't have to drink anymore, and for my friends who've been damn good to me lately. Excited for tomorrow.
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