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maybe not. but when they first started talking about a self driving car everyone thought it wouldn't work and it was bullshit too.


Then one drove by me on mission.




The Grand Challenge was the first

long distance competition for

driverless cars in the world; other

research efforts in the field of

Driverless cars take a more

traditional commercial or academic

approach. The U.S. Congress

authorized DARPA to offer prize

money ($1 million) for the first

Grand Challenge to facilitate robotic

development, with the ultimate goal

of making one-third of ground

military forces autonomous by 2015.


Looks like the Man has them working on Skynet now.


I don't hate Google but they aren't exactly the benevolent/benign company that they claim to be, either. "Do no evil" doesn't imply "do only good," much less full transparency or accountability.


Here's a good one- why did Google even bother entering the Grand Challenge? It probably wasn't for the money,

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In this context, aspiration could be accounted for by 'ambition'. Aspiration itself is a term used for 'hopes and dreams'.


Simply put, the idea of a self driven vehicle as a war device has been around for a long fucking time.


War breeds technology. I would assume that the military of the world is very much interested, if not already a part of, the advancement of this sort of technology.

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Old people had to make a conscious effort to learn things. Most information is now just a query click away, which google then records and uses to make itself smarter. I know I'm wearing an aluminum hat, and I do my best to just ignore this kind of stuff. It just bums me out people will accept this with the most open arms, and despite my efforts I won't be able to ignore it anymore. That I will have to have daily exchanges with people wearing these stupid fucking glasses, and that it can/will be the norm in the near future.

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If you haven't read "Snow Crash," you should. There's. a character called the gargoyle that wears a computer suit with goggles, which allows him to "live" in the Metaverse (think Second Life but encompassing the entire web.)


DARPA funds some really crazy projects...the thing that gets me is that Google doesn't need DARPA's money. In fact, I bet a lot of the cool shit they show off was developed by their employees in their spare time, at least to some degree. The Grand Challenge was just good PR for their Google Earth car, which they developed so they could have a bunch of these autonomous drones constantly driving around, filming shit for Google Earth never getting tired...it's the panopticon come true.


That has way more military/LE potential than something like Big Dog. Intel is becoming the real battle, fighting is increasingly less and less important because no one wants to destroy potential assets. Why? Simple- war is going into the private sector, and the private sector's primary goal is what? Accumulation of assets/capital...therefore, blowing shit up is bad business.


It's not hard to see where this is all headed if you apply a little imagination to what's happening in the world. Hell, you don't even need to do that, it's all in the news.

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Check out some of the projects they fund and have funded in the past....the future as it was envisioned when I was a kid is coming true, except it mainly seems to be the bad stuff.


I read through the thread a little more carefully, and I realized that a lot more people on this site have smartphones than I would have expected. At the moment I don't have a cell, but when I do (not often) I use Google Voice linked to a burner. I do have a Blackberry, which I would use for VOIP but since it's a CDMA phone that's out of the question.


The problem is that it's hard to pick and choose which aspects of technology you're willing to embrace. I didn't trust Facebook at first, and still don't...but once people stopped emailing me I caved in and made an account. I don't use it like a lot of people do...for the most part I use it to keep in touch with people since it has most of the features of Gmail (which, ironically, I also use).


No matter what I use, I always follow the cardinal rule of never putting anything incriminating out there online. If I have even the slightest concern that something might sound funny if it was overheard/documented, then I wait till I can say it in person.

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