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Stephen Colbert Runs For President

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Stephen Colbert Runs For President… As Herman Cain:)












Stephen Colbert planning a run for president?


By Tony Hicks

Contra Costa Times

Posted: 01/13/2012 05:04:54 PM PST



Stephen Colbert isn't running for president -- yet.



During Thursday night's episode of "The Colbert Report," Colbert legally transferred his super political action committee to his friend and Comedy Central cohort Jon Stewart. Dropping by from "The Daily Show," Stewart happily signed the documents and accepted the post, which was ceremonially observed by the two holding hands and bodily transferring the PAC powers.

The move potentially paves the way for Colbert to enter the Republican presidential primary in South Carolina, his home state. Campaigning politicians are prohibited from simultaneously running super PACs.

Finally, a sensible person may get into this race.

Colbert only hinted at such a decision, which he had grandly hyped ahead of Thursday's show. He announced that he is forming "an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for my possible candidacy for the president of the United States of South Carolina."

Well, he seems to understand about as much about the system as at least half of the other people running.

Patriotically colored balloons were released in the studio while a graphic screamed "I'm Doing It!"

Stewart and Colbert hashed out the peculiar legalities of their arrangement. With Colbert's lawyer (and former chairman of the Federal Election Commission) Trevor Potter on hand, they spelled out that while Colbert was legally forbidden from participating


in strategy and advertising with the super PAC, he could still talk about his plans on his1 TV show and even volunteer for the super PAC.

Stewart declared Colbert vice president of youth outreach for the super PAC, which was renamed The Definitely Not Coordinated with Stephen Colbert Super PAC. Along with Potter, the three joined hands like a sports team and -- with thick irony -- cheered in unison: "Non-coordination!"

In 2007, Colbert attempted to enter the South Carolina primary but was stymied by filing fees. The super PAC could very well eliminate any such financial concerns. Colbert hasn't publicly revealed the amount raised from viewer contributions by the PAC, but on Thursday he repeatedly hinted that it was a shockingly large amount.

Colbert has otherwise been very transparent about the PAC's workings, using it to parody the current system's contradictions and potential conflicts of interest. Political action committees stem from a 2010 Supreme Court decision that changed the rules of corporate political donations.

A Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday found that Colbert is polling ahead of former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman in South Carolina. According to the survey, Colbert has 5 percent of the vote and Huntsman has 4 percent.

Upon reading those results on "The Report" on Wednesday, Colbert said: "This just got real."

HEATHER LOCKLEAR MAY NEED SOME HELP: According to TMZ, Heather Locklear's family wants her to check in to a medical rehab facility as soon as she's released from the hospital, but the actress is resisting.

Sources directly connected with Locklear's family said Thursday hospitalization for a possible overdose was not an isolated incident. Heather has been struggling with prescription drugs for a long time. Sources say Locklear Heather checked in to an L.A. area rehab facility last October for two weeks.

TMZ reported Thursday that Locklear's sister called 911 Thursday just after 2 p.m. from her Westlake Village home, saying she'd taken a dangerous mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol. She was taken to Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, where a spokeswoman told KCAL-TV the actress was stable and her parents were by her side.

Locklear was hospitalized for a possible overdose in 2008. In 2009, she pleaded no contest to reckless driving after being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of prescription medication.

The 50-year-old actress's publicists have not commented on the matter.

Locklear and "Melrose Place" co-star Jack Wagner recently ended their engagement. She was previously married to Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, and they have a daughter together.

Locklear was photographed at an L.A. Lakers game Tuesday night, where her friend was spotted playfully trying to take away her beverage.

J-LO under attack: Jennifer Lopez's Fiat commercial is once again drawing scorn. In an open letter to Lopez released Thursday, the president for United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) wrote, "By endorsing Fiat, you are serving as a spokesperson for a company that freely does business with a regime that is developing an illegal nuclear weapons program, financing and sponsoring terrorist groups including al-Qaeda, has killed American and NATO soldiers and is recognized as one of the world's leading human rights violators."

Geez. And she just thought she was grabbing a paycheck and driving around in a cute car.

The letter goes on to state that Iveco, a Fiat subsidiary, "produces vehicles that are reportedly used by the Iranian regime as platforms to stage gruesome public executions."

Which really doesn't sound too different from what they do on "American Idol."

UANI, however, makes it clear that the organization doesn't feel Lopez's endorsement is in any way a sign that she supports the Iranian regime. The hope is the singer will use her position to compel the car company to change its policies, or simply end her relationship with Fiat altogether.

This is isn't the first time J.Lo has drawn controversy from this endorsement gig.

In November, the 42-year-old star turned the American Music Awards into a promotional vehicle when she not only drove up to the stage in a Fiat 500, but proceeded to use it as a prop for the dancers throughout her performance. C'mon. That was probably just a coincidence.

Later that month, it was also revealed that the commercial portraying Lopez driving through her old Bronx neighborhood was actually shot in Los Angeles.

RICKY IS RE-LOADED: Getting ready to host the Golden Globes again, Ricky Gervais says he'd rather get laughs than gasps -- but he cherishes the gasps, too.

Gervais drew a sharp reaction to his jokes as host last year, with actor Robert Downey Jr. calling the evening mean-spirited. He joked Friday that he came back partly to "annoy" the people who said he'd never be invited back. The Globes will take place on Sunday.

He said at a news conference that he's not trying to hurt anyone or give them a bad night, but ultimately doesn't care what people think. He said: "I stand by my jokes."

Asked who his targets would be this year, he said: "Targets isn't a word I'd use. Subjects."


pretty funny. he has some funny attack adds too


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This guys humor is a little old to me by now.


Then again you seem like a pothead faggot so im not surprised.

He already did this last election. Boring

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I donno, im a Political guy but him and Stewart are both un-funny to me.


I liked Colbert at first but now it just seems like a shitty spin off and he pulls the same gimmicks, same sarcasm, same numbers all the time.


Its hard to be original, but those two are two sides to the same unfunny shitty coin.

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I think why I like them is we dont really get US political news over here (not in depth anyway), and the fact that your political system is even more fucked up than ours and the way they point of how fucking ludicrous it is most the time is cool.


I could see how it would get old tho if you were also having these news stories pushed down your throats on the news channels as well

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Thats fair.


I personally think the European system is much better than ours, its basically saying you can have cabbage soup or dried beats for dinner every 4 years.


the jokes are probably more fresh to you and the other UK folk but to me by the time I see their shit ive already heard or thought a variation of the same jokes.


To each their own, those fools just annoy me

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Not to be an ass but UK comedy bores the fuck out of me.


Maby I just dont get it, it comes off dry and sutle.

But by far British slang kills American hands down

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I donno, im a Political guy but him and Stewart are both un-funny to me.


I liked Colbert at first but now it just seems like a shitty spin off and he pulls the same gimmicks, same sarcasm, same numbers all the time.


Its hard to be original, but those two are two sides to the same unfunny shitty coin.


I liked the John Stewart show during the Bush II administration because there was just so much fun to be had with it. Now I'd only watch it if there is an interesting guest on, like not a fucking celebrity. I like that people like John Bolton and William Krystal have the temerity to go on the show and he gives them a fair chance to make their argument.


Colbert's finest moment was the annual press club thing where he showed almost unbearable disrespect to the president.


With Bush politics was almost surreal and like watching a national lampoons movie (given that I wasn't in a war zone). This new post 'War on Terror' period seems a lot more serious and I find it hard to see a funny side.

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they're making more of a satire on the Super PAC phenomenon and the legal loop-holes with it that essentially let extremely wealth people and corporations donate unlimited amounts of money to campaign.


i just want to see what percentage he would get. our political system needs some humorous sabotage.

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Thanks for the negaprops faggot, apprently you dont have even near enough clout to take any points from me. Instead of sending a tampon back your way ill send you some more points so next time youre 2cents might actaully matter.


Sorry I made fun of your liberal cliche humored fuckboys.


Here is the daily show in a nutshell.

*Shows a clip of a Republican at an off moment.


(Jon Stewart makes his stupid 'schocked' face)

Oh man, really? Huh, killing baby seals and drilling oil is what hell be doing after golf and chilling with Sarah palin


*Cue dumbass photoshop of Palin and dudeman chilling with cowboy hats and mustaches.


I dont know, I havent seen it recently im just speaking off of the last few times in which I could watch more than 10mins of it. Then again i dont watch any TV

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