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To do the OJ

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I'd like to enter a new adverb to Webesters dictionary: The O.J.

When you have a record and you still don't give a fuck and are will to treat a motherfucker.

Lets hear for O.J. hitting headlines again.

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Guest spectr

I thought this was going to be about you stabbing your ex and some white dude cause you were on the roids or some shit...

I am sadly disappointed especially since I was hoping for flixs...

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If he was guilty for what happened in 94 then he would be in prison. You cannot put someone in jail for something he did not do. "IF the glove don't fit, you must acquit" lol get over it, you guys just mad a black got off for something pertaining to the death of a white women. Did you ever see to kill a mocking bird, when the black guy was accused of something he did not do, evidence showed he didn't and everyone in the room was mad, you guys are just like them. Popular opinion is bull shit to me, evidence and facts are.


P.S. next time women, don't invite the guy you fucking over your house so boldly while your husband is there and maybe you'll survive that day.


Just a Reminder

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