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Everything posted by tipsycripsy420

  1. Dirty doo doo stains up in my draws.
  2. Backwoods EBT Heem Gumbo Mix 4 Elbows of dank Collard Greens Attractive white women Name brand shoes New Era Large quantities of cash Story of my life
  3. false the person below me has their own apartment
  4. Mane ain't having it.
  5. I told your mom to let you run down the crack of her ass and end up on the sheets but she insisted that you make it to her pussy. I punched her in the stomach and told her to name you Gerald.
  6. I had a lobotomy last friday. Cool Story Bro.
  7. The person below me doesn't come around these parts very often.
  8. Longboarding is gay. Getting off your board to negotiate a curb is fucking whack dude. I'll bomb down a hill on my 30 inches no problem. And do me a heelflip just to keep the hunnies watchin'.
  9. false the person below me will buy something to eat today
  10. Klev is a douche, i don't know why you would post that. But you are a douche as well so you guys go hand in hand i guess...
  11. Congratulations Locc Dog.
  12. Don't ask questions around these parts youngster^^ Or you are liable to end up in a gutter.
  13. This page is whack besides the portrait djayrage bumped.
  14. false, had it almost a month ago the person below me has a girlfriend
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