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I tramp the old Milwaukee Road only to see the Soo Line....





The Soo Line Railroad (AAR reporting marks SOO) is the United States arm of the Canadian Pacific Railway, serving Chicago and the areas to the east and west.

Formerly known as Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway (and commonly known as the Soo Line after the phonetic pronunciation of Sault),

the present name was adopted as a trade name in 1950. In late 1960 the company was consolidated with several subsidiaries and reorganized under the current name.

In 1985 the Soo Line purchased the Milwaukee Road and attempted to operate the pre-1985 Soo Line and selected Milwaukee Road branchlines as a wholly owned subsidiary,

the Lake States Transportation Division. Because of lackluster traffic levels and the need to pay off debt resulting from the purchase of the Milwaukee Road,

most of the LSTD (including the original Wisconsin Central Railway) was sold in 1987 to the newly formed Wisconsin Central Transportation Corporation.

The Soo Line is a part of the Canadian Pacific Railway system. As time passes, more and more Soo Line equipment is being repainted into the Canadian Pacific's current paint scheme,

slowly erasing the Soo's identity as a subsidiary railroad.























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As you can see the sun always has my back son!






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Biased benching rules!!!

Fuck promoting every toy wannabe that picks up a can a paint and pieces some dumb bullshit in the woods on a freight.. If people had to pay for film like in the old days no one would take pics of 90% of this crap. Thanks to A-Funk showing what time it is!


Unbelievable that you caught a Sonic BAD peice on a freight...Wha'ch you mofos know about that?

I'll tell you what I know. Utica on the 3 & 4, Grant . 111th on the A's, CC's in the house circa 79-82. BAD in effect(for the ignorant check text 101, "Subway Art")...and lets not sleep on Enue COD and Eye on the newsprint car. For those that know, know. Old school , New school , True School the way I do!!!!

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