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  1. Dopeness.. I remember that night like it was yesterday. You remember that nrm?
  2. Wow! Sick shit..... MADD respect to jhab and crew!
  3. Dope!! I havent seen the head on yet.
  4. I agree! Sketches are more personal.
  5. Happy New Year brother. Missing you every day!
  6. May he rest in peace.... My respects.....
  7. Man, I remember that trip! Like yesterday. When you two homies came up, you were waisted and passed out in the whip the rest of the night. Me and care did like 6 spots with you drunk asleep in the car. I had so much fun and miss you thinking about it. When care bust his fire under the bridge while we were painting without us looking. I about shit a brick! And that fence, we couldn't find how to get to it and you got us there magically. And when we went to go paint that abandoned hotel as we were walking and the cop pulled by. I friggin hit over the fence faster than lightning. You and care were dying laughing when I got back to the car. Man I cherish those times like an emblem in my heart. Love you lil bro and miss you every day.
  8. Woer is the man!! You got to work on your Y game a bit tho. Study the Y closer. I know it's hard to do. Dope shit tho broski. Keep it up.
  9. RIP little y. We missed you today. Although I know you were still there with us. Love you bro.
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