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Everything posted by descent

  1. that sever is one of the illest cyros i kinda hate those panels but that sever made it
  2. is that a backwards seyoe spelled wrong? OEYES or EoYEs:confused:
  3. got burned by some skilla
  4. that WARE and SHEK is cool shit doggies
  5. feeling the throwies need get on some
  6. something like the grinch but my attitude is not fuck it
  7. del 1252 let the work speak for itself.
  8. bump cabs on them freights.
  9. everbody gets to this feeling eventually. i also think this is a bias opinion. shits still live and well...if you keep it that way. bump that billie shot with the cop underneath. nice duo portrait
  10. damn please dont blow that spot up either nobody learns nor listens?
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