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  1. dont get me wrong those are some nice pieces, but that's not gonna be seen by to many people...
  2. cap night erabik timber kwest kerse
  3. west coast like a motherfucker! hot!
  4. ether tead stori frank avert mfk ill drink to that
  5. once youve seen one saone you've seen um all
  6. norms wholecar WCB mega sigh not bad at all
  7. THAT DOUBLE DOOR CN CAR WHAT! THAT GT FLAT SPOT... DAMN. and all around props to ETC
  8. frank seap eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. gash 'dont gimmie no bammer weed, we dont smoke dat shit in the SSC'
  10. that lil setup with those retired boxcars... is that heaven?
  11. yeah kerse keeps it thoro
  12. not only was this a long hot ass post etc ftm jurne house but those last shots are amazing... and yeah those workers must've been drunk or some shit
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