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  1. A lot of heat on here lately,Asend and Jash been bringing it and nice to see my Bronx Team fam getting some love...Big Time
  2. Fdc, PFE, Etips, all burning it down but where's that hardcore Bronx style?
  3. Because DBM wants to control everything,they're like the Illuminati.
  4. I know serious dudes who wanna tear nomi up,dude tagging up dudes moms cribs in the hood,1st off he needs to take that wack ads style back to his notebook or basement or something,but yeah my dude tek blt got NB on smash right now!
  5. Them Dick pieces is wild gay,real talk...I don't really care gets people's rocks off,to each there own but that shit is a really bad look and is definitely not "style".
  6. Yo do u got a single shot of the tomb?never saw it.
  7. Nice to see this thread breathing again...Destroy Babylon Movement.
  8. I got scum hall flicks,old milliken and possibly some old fort Rodman stuff,gotta dig it all up...does anyone remember the standard times expose in the Sunday paper called "graffiti guerillas" with interviews and full color spreads featuring tomb,deny,and rezn?....ill dig that up too,dope thread alotta history.
  9. Mid City HOF R.I.P by Tomb UW, on Flickr 3Dee DBM.ABC 1995
  10. New B by Tomb UW, on Flickr "New B.'...Spy 2 airbrush/marker late 80's
  11. Mission Imposible by Tomb UW, on Flickr Mission Impossible....Spy 2...airbrush late 80's
  12. Timmy "Spy2" Pina R.I.P. by Tomb UW, on Flickr Spy 2 Rest in Power...circa 1989
  13. world war 3 by Tomb UW, on Flickr world war 3...Spy 2 1988?..airbrush
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