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  1. zeroer

    Official toy battle thread

  2. zeroer


    "I got a sawed off let's knock some cops off, they familys be grieving. Fuck it tonite were getting even!" I heard they served a warrant on the wrong house and killed a 7 year old girl.
  3. zeroer

    West Virginia Bench

    i would fuck her discreetly.... & bum her outta smokes
  4. zeroer

    From Virginia...

    Anybody got flicks of the huge STAK tittylix with the face?? i caught that & a huge SIGH & LYES AEST tittylix car the other day no flix as they were bookin big ups
  5. zeroer

    countdown to spring.....

  6. zeroer

    West Virginia Bench

    toy... what did you do here????????? i kinda feel you but... this is a representation of what we see on the rails. Only 4 cities have a graff scene at all. if its nothing come... make it something, tiger & this is our state, we get busy... so, write a letter to korperate
  7. zeroer


    horse throw is bangin
  8. zeroer


    hahaha i slept on this roof
  9. zeroer


  10. zeroer


  11. So got popped doing nothing the other month, they still trying to play me. Holding a great job (for the city) above my head as leverage. Postponing courtdates, you know how it goes. my city has no clue about shit, not really a scene here......a LOT of outta town crack & bodies but no task force or ideas about graff in general (which previously ruled) But they want me to present them with graffiti prevention information from other cities and let them "in the mind of the subculture" Not gonna happen, but if your city has a website with shit on it about thier "strategies" id like to see it. Or if you have factual information that can be verified on those fucks id like to see it. All you cops on here, this is your chance to show of your departments genius. then kill yourself thanks in advance if anyone actually does
  12. zeroer

    marlboro country (virginia)

    i caught some KEPOS this way too one of these days.......
  13. zeroer

    P I T T S B U R G H

    prism seak soviet remix it doesn't get much better
  14. zeroer

    From Virginia...

    anybody got those LYES WOLF or LYES SIGH STAK TIttyLiX? also a few SIGH AEST burners & 1 EXPERT??? i do should i post 'em??
  15. zeroer

    you smell that? i smell bullshit...

    if they pull out weekly i would have to get daytime shots of a lot of em yes2 pepe push harsh wc joce dkops boris and nmphtasha i ain't mad atcha