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  1. sweatstance

    good times are coming

    thanks for the catch from 07!
  2. sweatstance

    some TEXAS benching!!!

    ^^^ thx for the catch... from vancouver to texas...
  3. sweatstance

    seattle > portland area freights

    thanks for the catch on the SRY!
  4. sweatstance

    Summer 2012 Mega Bench Part 2 - 100+

    Thanks for the catch first and foremost. also a few really good ones including the sace and nekst tribute and that fr8ophies hopper is a nice found. glad to see its still kicking around.
  5. sweatstance

    cherry poppin

    Thanks for all the catches man.... seems like my shit never leaves the city...
  6. sweatstance

    On a Photo Run 2013

    hey man, thanks for the catch, you always seem to catch my panels even tho we live no where close to each other... glad to see you doing good!
  7. sweatstance

    "this aint a sexual circle, i aint fuckin around"

    That old tars and stealth (where u at? )
  8. sweatstance

    keep it moving,cuz bad news travells fast

    van's such a weird city...
  9. sweatstance

    School is back in session

    thanks for the catch X2!
  10. sweatstance

    Gordyhead's Bench

    thanks for the catch playa
  11. sweatstance

    cherry poppin

    thanks for the catch!
  12. sweatstance

    sunday bench or church?

    thanks for the catch! and one more thing..... if you paint garbage on these flat cars and i come across it.... i'm painting over you.
  13. sweatstance

    dont be scared

    thx for the catch!!!
  14. sweatstance

    < ROAD TRIP BENCH REPORT: Montana, May 2011...!! >

    thanks for the catch!
  15. sweatstance

    Ohio Benching

    AND........ Them trains are gone like Lebron....