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Way to learn from our mistakes, America

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What's good everyone. This is my first post under this name but i've been fuckin wit 12oz for about... 6 years now. And by fuckin wit, i mean lookin at graff threads and the shit in channel zero like "myspace picture post" and "pics of hot girls" for some spank bank material. But i wanted to address somethin a little more serious in my opening post.


Before we even begin, i'm not a republican or a democrat. I'd probably be closer to a Libertarian than anything, but I don't have an affiliation. I think our government could use some good ideas from a few different sources.


That being said....




It's about these fucking elections. People are bustin sperms and ovaries alike because now that the Democrats won all these seats, the evil Bush empire is going down. Ohh big win! Big victory!


Except everyone seems to realize, the way Bush got so popular has essentially made the Dems popular in the same way.


Let's take it back to that infamous date - Sept 11. After that day we all know how we felt - we were pissed off, we were scared, we wanted answers, and to an extent we wanted revenge. I mean in this modern era who fucks wit the big bad US and A (to partially paraphrase Borat)? So Bush comes along and says "we are gonna go get them sums of bitches and make them pay - freedom democracy war on terror. Sorry I just needed to throw those words in - I got a quota per speech."


So we get sucked by our patriotism and anger into this bullshit idea that Iraq might have sponsored, was somehow indirectly involved, or was outright helping the people who did up 9/11. And Bushie Jr. is just itchin to go back and get rid of all the evidence of G.W.'s cabinet and daddy's mistakes and dealings over there. So we go get rid of Saddam (which I'll big up, dude was on some ill shit)....



and then, for these past years, the rest of Iraq goes down the fuckin tubes.


So I know I'm not sayin anything new here and you are probably wondering where this is going. Well here it is - we let what I'll call "revenge patriotism" get us into this inital mess. Now people took the word of the Dems that they are bringin our boys are back home and that changes are going to be made and we put all those fuckers in office. Do you see boys and girls? Bush told us what we wanted to hear so we let him have his run; the Democrats countered by telling us what we wanted to hear and we are going to let them have their run at things. The same sort of blindness just happened again - we just signed it over to the other party. Amendments are made but they can also be repealed. But if you think all the civil liberties that the Bushites took away with all this crazy NSA surveillance Patriot Act bullshit are gonna go away because the Donkeys have power, you must be out of your fucking mind. If this country really wanted change we would have voted in Independents, Libertarians, and other third, fourth and fifth party candidates. Instead we just picked the other half of what is essentially one big party.


Let me also point out the irony in some of the campaign ads - almost every one had the Democratic ad pointing to their Republican opponent and saying "Senator Douchebag voted with Bush 96% of the time." 1. Wow, a R. senator voted wit a R. president - what a shock. 2. What was your (Dem. candidates) voting record directly after 9/11 (assuming the person was in office)? Cause if I remember correctly that Patriot Act shit was passing with flying colors from both sides.


I guess I'll sum it up as this - I got a lot of love for America. Right now we are despised through the world. We have a lot of problems. If America's lifespan has been a party, we are almost to that point of waking up the next morning in the bathtub and realizing: we probably had too much to drink, there's a great chance we puked, and not only did we fuck the 300 lb girl in the room, we bragged to some of our friends about it and tried to get them to join in. Except everyone but us realized it wasn't a good idea and walked away. Right now America isn't a democracy. A democracy does NOT consist of 2 parties, which is essentially what we have reenforced this last election. I hope I'm wrong, that the donks do change all the shit that Bush put into place, but I have a bad feeling shit is gonna get worse before it gets better. There's no answer or closure for this - it just makes me wonder sometimes.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this - based on the response I'll either post more or shut up.





Naaaa, actually in either case I'll probably still post. I got a lotta shit to talk.

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nice post cuz'n.

you'll probably find, im most likely going to be your only compatriot on here...lol

you are right about iraq and civil liberties etc. bush isnt going to be impeached. i'll be surprised if he is. none of the bush legislation will be rolled back. troops wont be coming home.


how did symbols always put it......"fucking poliTRICS!"

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I will put it this way, I am optimistic, to say the least, but I will not believe unless I see change.


I hope in my heart of hearts that things go well the next couple years. Let alone the next couple months to weeks, but I am gonna need to start seein some big big big shit happen to believe we are comin out of this alive


Rummsfeld was a beginning. Bush opening up to and I qoute "any ideas about Iraq" is another movement. However, like you and AOD said, there is much to be done and it needs to happen now. Impeachment... yes. Likely, no. I am curious to see how Gates turns out. Aggies be damned.


John motherfuckin Murtha. Get his ass in power and let him start some fuckin impeachment proceedings...

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naw, you should read it. its actually good. i got a lil untrusting after that as well, but i had faith and perservered(sp?).




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