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  1. "I once told a woman I coined the phrase 'pardon my French'."
  2. I want an explanation on how the FUCK motherfuckers are constantly gettin up in someone's backseat and surprising them. 1. Why the fuck are you leaving your car unlocked? I lock my shit even when it is outside my house. 2. How the fuck do you not notice a human body, sitting up, looking sinister in your backseat? Is that some every day type shit or do you just have that new Avril Lavigne song on your mind THAT much? "Oh I thought he was just the life-size human replica I carry around for protection. Whoops!" Really? PAY ATTENTION!
  3. 82

    State a Fact.

    FACT: I wish there was something to notify there would be large pics of closeups of the meat curtains while I'm at work. FACT: allhiphop.com is probably one of the worst websites I've ever visited and perhaps 3 people on there know anything about music (that isn't complete shite) in general.
  4. depends, do you think it is more or less kosher than sarah silverman's snatch BUT with pork stuffed in it?
  5. i thought you were supposed to focus on hooker-beating in this game? "shit shit shit, i'm almost to the goal, almost to the goal, just hold up you piece of shit car, hold up piece of shit car... wait! [slams on cars brakes, gets out] these motherfuckers stole my piece! [gunfire] wasted!?! ahh bullshit, they stole my piece!" but i hope he gets them - gotta support the graff artist over the company, even if that company's sole purpose is advancing the cause of drugs sex and violence in the gaming world
  6. Coincidence? I think not!
  7. I've seen a lot of Godfather 2 type themes in the last few seasons of the Sopranos - mostly how Tony is becoming more withdrawn and essentially going to be trapped in a powerful position but at the cost of losing those he loves. Tony kinda differs from Michael because Michael was never out doin peyote and fucking strippers on the regular. Also with Tony's crew getting moped out he would really have to go end of Godfather I style and mope out the heads of the 5 fams. Whose to say Chase might not go some crazy route and show Tony when hes 60 or 70 years old, and the whole show is flashbacks of how he got to where he is (wherever that would be) now? I think all the shit with terrorism has to play in at some point. They showed him lookin at AJs screen with some al Qaeda shit - the FBI is all up his ass for info and Tony wanted to know what happened to them - etc. But who knows - they wasted a lot of time with some of these episodes. That ep with Junior and the Asian kid was fucking shit, and they wasted a whole episode on that... it'll probably end up being some bullshit ending, i'm keep expectations low
  8. Re: butt fuck a pile of bold greeks
  9. I had heard, in the 8 year gap between season 6 and this season, that Gandolfini wouldn't come back if Tony got killed or put in jail in the end... who knows if this is true... As for Paulie gettin the shitty face when Tone put the hit out on Leotardo, if you remember, Paulie was the one who ratted about Joe Pants' joke about "the 100 lb mole on Ginny Sack's ass" to the New York crew, and was sayin how Johnny Sack was the only one who called him (when Paulie was in jail, it was the season Joey Pants' got choked out by Tony). Could be Paulie is on some 2 faced shit for real... good call...
  10. Drink on sir... I believe anyone can drink for 24 straight if they put their mind to it.
  11. 82

    No Bullshit

    stupid shit you've seen, maybe... i don't believe you've done anything like this.
  12. cmon now, this thread title is completely and totally inaccurate. we all know that white people dont steal jobs because their only job is exploiting minorities in substandard workplaces while paying them next to nothing and reaping all the profits for themselves. get it together people!
  13. 82


    a good site for boredom that occasionally but rarely has links to some tits & wool: http://popurls.com/ enjoy!
  14. This movie was one of the worst pieces of shit I've ever seen. Been into Spider-man since I was kid and used to try and draw panels out of the comics when McFarlane was doing them. so maybe thats why im biased... there will be SPOILERS BELOW, MAD SPOILERS SON! so read at your own risk: this movie is such a piece of fucking shit it was unbelievable. it had so much potential and fell flat on its fuckin face. everyone has mentioned emo peter parker - fuckin a. he gets dressed up in tight black clothes, and to show off how "good" hes feeling, he dances down the street doin the "point-shoot" move with his fingers at a bunch of chicks [one side note: a great thing they did carry over from the spidey 2 was a ton of hot chicks as extras]. absolutely sucked. and when he wasnt being emo he was over the top goofy. just ACT NORMAL you stupid fuck tobey mcfuckface, i shouldnt be thinking "wow this is a shitty job acting", you should be acting relateable to the audience fucko. now on to the rest. let me say, in total, the only thing this movie has to do with the comics is the name of the characters and how they look (even though they manage to fuck that up at the end). thats it. they should have had a disclaimer: "this movie in no way resembles the comic it was based on. any names or characters that are similar are completely coincidental". sandman - barely fucking spoke and when he did, it was mostly "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrraAahhh!" not to mention he cant fuckin fly. not to mention i was waiting for brendan fraiser to pop in cause i thought i was watching the mummy with all the flying sand and other stupid bullshit. and the whole time hes supposed to feel regretful for doin bad shit, yet he ends up riskin more and more peoples lives, including MJ's at the end. this is me making a movie that has common sense! venom - one of the most badass characters, they have a complete pussy play it, and he gets probably 30 minutes of screen time. eddie brock is supposed to be jacked from the getgo, or at least starts liftin mad weights to get big after parker fucks his shit up. in this it goes from eric foreman to joey porter in no time. and then he dies, i guess? who cares. i wish i could throw a pumpkin bomb at the people who okayed this piece of shit flick. green goblin - i didnt know that a head wound means you can only smile and eat ice cream. if he was constantly on pain meds that makes sense, but there wasnt even any wooziness. if nothin else they should have dedicated a movie to the whole thing of peter and harry goin back and forth - such a great story in the comics, it was 2 friends who had to fight each other, harry goin crazy, etc. instead they make him and spiderman team up on some riggs and murtagh shit at the end of the flick, so fucking buddy flick formulaic, and of course he gets killed saving spidey - boo fuckin hoo. the whole ending to this movie should have been billed as "spider-man: now fighting crime with tears." its like the bottom part of this movie was a race to see whose upper lip could quiver the fastest. and then sandman: "oh it was an accident about your uncle", spider: "oh sandman i forgive you!" i was waiting for peter to ask sandman to make his fist into a sand dildo and shove it up his spider cooch. the ending was complete tripe - a horrid piece of shit that no one should be proud to be a part of. and most of the movie was all internal conflict and peter acting either like a goofy asshat or an emo fag, and neither worked well. i understand parts of the comics cant work for movies and you are tryin to appeal commercially - but go with the venom/alien suit thing as the movie on its own or dont. the comics have great stories that are well thought out and make sense. they have themes people can relate to. you dont completely have to fuck everything up and change shit around and try and cram in extra villians. just stick to what worked. if i see sam raimi out in the street, i am whuppin the living shit out of him for 2 and 1/2 hours. and thatll make me feel a lot better. also, the camera was out of focus for about 15-30 minutes so i got a free ticket to any other movie i want. i can guarantee you this - it wont be a marvel movie. marvel movies have blown fuckin dick so far. spider man 1 and 2 were pretty good, 3 was past shit. xmen 1 was ok, 2 was kinda decent, 3 was the absolute biggest piece of shit ive ever seen along with this. the next comic flick ill see will prolly be iron man, and then ill download the rest. final words: dont go see this piece of shit in the theater. certainly dont pay to see it if you do want to watch it. and keep your expectations low.
  15. As a wise man once told me: "Pussy is undefeated."
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