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Wash DC


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nigga stole stolen pics from me get youre bammer ass out of cali and come pay me what you owe me foooooool, we can work some payments you know how it works you help me i help you, but youreeeee faaakin like tukey bacon son. dont burn bridges cause i got plenty of resources to fix this you just gotta come around





smh....c'mon son lmao

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Naw man ... it's public knowledge and in the public record whenever you go to court, you are right ... but their charges are their business and should stay off 12oz so it doesnt promote further gossip on this board ... this is for pictures and occasional drunk rants only.


Gossip makes the Ounce bounce, baby. Without that, we got nothin but a bunch of silly pics of graf everyone's seen before...


But seriously, folks should know (and talk about) what's up. This shit can get you in trouble. There are consequences...



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