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  1. Seen a nice Keys in A.M. today.
  2. above chinatown, on K st.
  3. ? WTF is up with that man hand ?
  4. I like that Denso, IHG what type of gibberish you speaking?
  5. Aero back on the wagon
  6. Kasr Timbo Gobe doing it up nice
  7. Originally Posted by TurkeySlayer (View Original Post) Then you must not be TCB. Criminals in Action?...Did you rip that off from KRS-One? Listen up TurkeyBaster, You're stepping to the wrong motherfucker; if you have something to say, then say it to my face; otherwise go back to Great Falls and STFU! "CIA...I'll see ya later!"- Zack de la Rocha BTW, it was Zack de la Rocha who coined the term originally; Inside Out was the best shit ever live! ^^^^^^^ hate to rain on your parade of misinformation, but Criminals In Action is the crew the late Dondi help to found in the late 1970s it is now carried on by Duro. KRSONE use of the phrase had double meaning, he was giving a critique to the C.I.A. (government agency) at the same time shouting out Dondi, Duro and the rest of the crew.
  8. Nah homie Gost 2 in Bmore, might wanna try number 58
  9. Kae and Yelo on the comeup
  10. Also shouts to the homie Che, my bad on jumping out there like that. Wrong place, wrong time.
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