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  1. Seen a nice Keys in A.M. today.
  2. above chinatown, on K st.
  3. ? WTF is up with that man hand ?
  4. I like that Denso, IHG what type of gibberish you speaking?
  5. Aero back on the wagon
  6. Kasr Timbo Gobe doing it up nice
  7. Originally Posted by TurkeySlayer (View Original Post) Then you must not be TCB. Criminals in Action?...Did you rip that off from KRS-One? Listen up TurkeyBaster, You're stepping to the wrong motherfucker; if you have something to say, then say it to my face; otherwise go back to Great Falls and STFU! "CIA...I'll see ya later!"- Zack de la Rocha BTW, it was Zack de la Rocha who coined the term originally; Inside Out was the best shit ever live! ^^^^^^^ hate to rain on your parade of misinformation, but Criminals In Action is the crew the late Dondi help to found in the late 1970s it is now carried on by Duro. KRSONE use of the phrase had double meaning, he was giving a critique to the C.I.A. (government agency) at the same time shouting out Dondi, Duro and the rest of the crew.
  8. Nah homie Gost 2 in Bmore, might wanna try number 58
  9. Kae and Yelo on the comeup
  10. Also shouts to the homie Che, my bad on jumping out there like that. Wrong place, wrong time.
  11. Nice outside bus hit though I would have flicked that.
  12. Yeah, downplay it all you want but the fact still remains.
  13. ^ on some real shit and all jokes aside, dlo never asked me to stick up for him and the problem is I have already had the conversation in person but that dont seem to get through, so perhaps a card pulling is in order. there was no beef on that spot he dissed the kid first, now when homeboy takes a spot all the sudden its his fault, but nobody gonna admit they were wrong right?? Everybody sucks when they start, please dont tell me I should be working to get youngins better, been doing that for the longest, thats the only reason why the old crews are even up on the streets. So I will just say your welcome. pese if you dont know enough to keep you mouth shut and let some shit ride then you deserve whatever comes your way. A year ago some suckers came on this board talking some "dc graff is dead", now its poppin again dont fuck it up by engaging in this fake beef bullshit. Fight for your name when someone is really attacking it not when someone makes a mistake. Even better fight when its important and graffiti is not that.
  14. ^ and this is the problem, paint clean spots, you going over someone else fill-in with yours, not even covering it, straight diss, dont be shocked when you gotta go fix a bunch of shit cuz you were feelin yourself to tuff.
  15. bump Snek and Fant on the come-up
  16. ^ yeah player but the fact is you been in the same room with dude and you never said shit to him, jokes are between friends, not those attempting to look down on someone and like I said you just got where you are after a loooooong time of being wack, during that time when you were learning you had a lot of support from writers who are better than you and those folks did not player hate you simply because you were not as good as them, did they? The answer is no. To that end the only reason I am posting this in public is because you seem to not be able to wrap your brain around it, maybe you should be more like DLO and focus on school instead of digging yourself into a deeper hole. Sorry for the DAD sermon but this hate needs to stop. P.S. know its still all love though
  17. that's the homie Flex Mathews bama, Deuce crew reppin.
  18. Willy shut your mouth and stop talking shit to people you do not know.
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