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I wrote this for the retarded thread and I'll be damned if it doesn't post

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Man if any of these girls actually painted or lived near eachother, there would be some serious graffiti beef going on..


What was this thread about again? Oh yeah, 12oz isn't what it used to be.


I understand that this site used to be a smaller group of intelligent people, but as the number of people increases on the site, obviously the percentage of those smart, intelligent individuals is going to be diluted by the sheer number of people joining. There is obviously a small number of clever, witty people in this world. As it seems there is also an infinite number of dumb, loud, bandwagoneers populating this planet. And any number divided by infinity is so small that it might as well be zero.


What I'm saying is obviously the posts are going to be dumber and dumber, but there are still that core group of people here that we know and love. Not every thread is going to be gold. People are getting older, getting lives, getting married, and having kids, and they can't be on 12oz like they used to be. Yesterday I posted a thead about ferrets here, because I am seriously thinking about owning one. After the initial bullshit responses I did eventually recieve the kind of information I wanted. Alot of people come here for every type of problem or just to rant, and that's what I love about this site. Yeah the majority of the threads and posts are retarded, nonsensical rambling by a bunch of teenage toys hopping on the Marc Ecko bandwagon, but there is still that few group of people that I come on here to read their responses in threads.


12oz is huge now I guess, and I see how you might think that would suck, but look at it from the other point of view, everyone knows 12oz is the premier graffiti forum site. All the other sites are crap, a bunch of illiterate wannabe gangbangers talking shit to eachother and posting their own shit. Everyonce in a while those fags try to come here and pull the same shit, and so many people jump on them that they get banned. Also, do you really think that you would of sold so many copies of AKA if it hadn't been for the sheer number of people joining this site?


I've been on this site since 2002, I've probobly been popping in once a month or so since 00 or 01. So I remember how it used to be, not as much as some of you, but I do notice the difference. I don't care though, I don't read half the posts anyway. I just look for the people I always look for, read what they have to say, maybe have a little laugh and that's it.


I try not to think of things how they used to be. They will never be like that again. Maybe that sucks, but I don't dwell on it too much. There is still a few people on here I enjoy, so I have no reason to talk shit about the rest of the toys trying to fit in. When graffiti isn't cool anymore and they're on to the next thing. I'll still be on here ranting about whatever it is I have to rant about...



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