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I just got back from Phuket

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I'll post pics later (I have to join one of those internet posting flicks things, someone tell me a website please) anyways it was really, really good.

I didn't go there for long enough - only 2 weeks - It took me around 5-6 days to get used to things and gain confidence in shit and know of what to do and shit...

I wish I was there for a month, I'll go again another time probalbly next yr.

Everyone was saying watch out for tranny's - sure there's tranny's there but are pretty damn easy to pick out - by looks, voice, walk etc. And if your unsure leave, I went to this kick ass masage parlour called Christin it fucking rocked, Phuket is like a party town for tourist's where the Thai ladies are always trying to fuck. I definately recommend going there, plenty of sun, cool beer and topless beaches.


Also those little scooter/motorbike things are the shit aswell as the food.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

You have the bird flu.

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Nah it's cleaned up nicely you can hardly tell there was a tsunami except for random safe zones signs for tsunami survivors that and people trying to sell you DVD's of the shit.

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Funny you should mention this. We just had a lecture about how this kind of tourism was a form of modern colonialism. I bet I would participate too though.

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OK got some flicks loaded up thanks for the heads up dobsilla.




These scooters fucking rocked - the traffic was awesome, like formula 1 taking over shit all the time, a few of my mates stacked but we found a hookup who fixed the bikes for cheap so it worked out to be allright




Me fucking trashed




Some broads we met who are from Sydney - 1st night out.




Me being a pervert.




Safari bar - too many trannies, though many tourist girls so it works out.




Last night in Phuket, we kicked it at this bar a fair bit.


I'll post more flicks of scenery and shit later, takes too long to load up pics. :haha:

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