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Originally posted by seeking@Apr 7 2005, 03:44 PM

stop talking about etch or ill close this thread.


and to the cats with all the montana. i hope you either live in europe or you're sponsored, otherwise that's a mad waste of money.

i'd love to see what it actually gets used on.



it doesn't look like it, but roughly 400 cans, all rusto and semi flat black krylon. another 100 or so assorted krylons not pictures.

plus another 150 or so old cans in my 'collection'.


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ok so my inventory consist of 2 red krylon 2 green krylon two black cans and two blue cans a phantom magazine a sketchbook graffiti vertite 4 and black book markers a roller and a mask


(click on to make bigger

and inside the box


(click on to make bigger)

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yo if anybody as any black griffin that there willing to trade for other supplies hit me up...


i have ....

prismacolor sketchbook markers...

permapaque sketchbook markers...

decocolor paint markers ....

painters paint markers...

craft etc paint markers...

garden craft jumbo markers with 3/4 inch nib...

jumbo zigs with 3/4 inch nibs....

small cans of testors paint....


and more!...


if anybodys interested


my email/yahoo messenger is




my aim is



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u actually ordered all that griffin? :huh2: i mean griffins ok if u have a spot to rack it from but its not really worth it if u have to order it all, u can get paint and thinner which is better and cheaper. not trying to sound hardcore or anything but i cant believe u bought all that griffin.

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108 bottles... let me just ask... how much did it cost(if anything). cause 108 bottles of that.... thats a ton of ink... but not the best quality...

if it was expensive you should have just gone with like a gallon of marsh(pigment) which is like 90$ and stains for ever(mixed with 1/3 garvey tx-70 violet 20$ +-) and it comes in like 50 colors...

just a suggestion.

ill post a pic of my paint/marker stash when i get pics.

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