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  1. so this is what boston graffit has come to? fantastic.
  2. ha. i personally like the gesr ripoff over the jus piece myself..
  3. the abandoned commuter
  4. whos the asshole that painted over that mes throw
  5. #1 rule dont be seen, approached, or caught to begin with
  6. tint on a side note; that uneak is fresh
  7. Oh shit kid the praying mantis! Not suprised to see you still lurking on here, I know you gotta good collection of pics, post em up! Shoot me a pm if you're still around man.
  8. just went thru the whole thread and decided to dig up some of my own. all random, more later
  9. im sure that dudes fucked next time he gets caught, especially writing cop killa
  10. so how about some flicks worth looking at
  11. yeah man, and all the graffiti in the world has been documented on video for you to see right
  12. that recipe is easy, some blue rusto bucket paint, some yellow rusto bucket paint, and maybe some white. mix it all together with some xylene or paint thinner and u have it.
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