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  1. I miss the grey interface too and them google ads are annoying too bad I didn't loose my account...
  2. I am SO sure no one sent me SHIT
  3. got anything yet?!? I sent the motherfucker yesterday, a bit late but hey
  4. how can I debump topics to the bottom of the page?
  5. word to fuck not having cash and house parties. I've been thinking for a while, why there's always a need to leave for the bar/club from the party when it's really starting to get fun. @ the bar and it's usually shit, noisy, smokey and expensive! fuck that! house parties.
  6. damn he's handsome nohomo!!!1
  7. the winner looks like toxic avenger after the fight
  8. she would receive my penis repeatedly, on various occasions for an extended length of time! !!1
  9. crown of thornz - trainyard blues
  10. what? how they built gothic churches and castles in the middle ages is no mystery Quoted post [/b] it is to me
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