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Preachin to the choir, mate. This is the last semester of my masters, by Nov I'll have a life again.


Couldn't be assed mixing the scraps. Just collecting a pile for a huge scraps piece. Just moved house where I have a bunch more space, might get in to mixing some colours when I get my weekends back.

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The ones with tops are the $3:00 povo cans from the auto shop, called Aussie Export. When they are on sale you get 4 for $10 so I just stock up for doing fill and backgrounds. They're pretty thin and have a male valve, they suck in general but have their uses.


Tanq, Crunch, United and I think Aeroskills are also Australian brands. Heaps of people jumped on the China bandwagon and started up their own lines of cheap paint made in Guangdong. Tanq is still around but I think United and Crunch may have gone under just recently and Aeroskills died ages ago.


Monster is from the UK, I think, Zenith if from Singapore but made in China - decent paint though. The rest are Ironlak, Montana, Yard Master and now NBQ. Still never tried Beltons yet, they're out of my price range given my married and saving for a house status.

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Yes and no - they are around the same average quality, many say that Crunch is the old Ironlak formula and I don't doubt it as it's China and factories take intellectual property like paint and valves and sell them with different brand names all the time. I'd also put Crunch above the other three in terms of quality - although it's a low/med pressure whilst the others are mid/high pressure.


The other three are much of a muchness, really. Where they are not similar in quality is that the batches can vary pretty wildly in regards to pigment ratios, pressure, actual tones, etc. So that makes them similar to each other in a general sense but often quite dissimilar and and of themselves, if that makes sense.


AUD has been hovering around USD$0.92-0.95 for a while, Beltons go for around AUD$12 over here. Fuck that.

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