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  1. Juca

    Spray Paint

    local muller has them..
  2. Slyle, has anyone made a test vid? here in Croatia we had similar caps to Wally caps on a fly killer spray from 70's,early 80's called "Flok" and they work so good with new euro pains like belton,sabotaz,montana etc etc,they are soft fatcaps but they are also great skinny caps,so crisp and clean,but they had a black dot on the exact same body as cmc's wally's,so i was wondering if they are the same...please link the test if someone did it yet.
  3. Juca

    Spray Paint

    someone tried edding spray paint??
  4. never used a respirator...i do have two brand new 3M's still left from the old job...
  5. made a sketch,and i fucking hate how it came out,and now reloading some .300 win mag's for the wild boar hunt tomorrow morning..
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a4jVf1YgTs
  7. i fucking cant stand muslims...
  8. back in '98-99 lol i was 10 y old
  9. i hate when i cant finish the sketch just because i dont have a table lamp...
  10. quick throw up i have made for some kid at the jam,
  11. what's wrong with the white power music?? please dont tell me its racist...if its racist how you would rate this shit? not racist maybe just cuz its a black hip hop band and black people cant be racist,cmon...
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