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  1. trying to keep my job and out of jail
  2. does any one want to talk bbq . i work as a smoke chef so i smoke alot
  3. i see you got some tussin
  4. simon_kenton


    any one got flicks of that tnt shit in covington . them e on so odd ball shit but still fun to see:D kids free and dareing
  5. there is a mop out called a mini crucher . the nib for that would work great on that . and its only a 1.99 all day . buy 3 or 4
  6. watching banaza with my mom smoken weed like kenny powers
  7. LD is killing shit all over
  8. yo that is fucked up that a teacher can not make a liveing and have to do all that . if them rich fucks would just relax about the tex on their house and pay a lil more the kids would get a better deal the teachs would wantt o do better and could . . its like if we would all do want we can with what we have maybe less would need stamps . and a great way to make them go farther in the summer time is to buy seeds and grow food . yo i got tomatos and peppers goin now in a yard of a friends so that a fix fist 666 :) big up to cusin berry for hooking it up
  9. simon_kenton


    bump elapz hie unix thefly
  10. http://www.pri.org/stories/politics-society/wall-street-journal-examines-romney-emails-advocacy-for-individual-mandate-in-mass-healthcare-10315.html he saidi hate obama care ... he does the same thing do lol
  11. cunt east wood . i like the way you put it .do i get stamps? yes.why ?cus i can not find find a 40 hour a week job . i work at a day labor job to make rent and still behind!that why it makes me sick to se this happen ... fucks in the office whit j's on and a $150 phone while i am stuck there just trying to eat while all the jobs go over seas . i and i am left fighting for a lil $25 3 time a week to pay my rent. then ppl act like i am bad to sell 30 stamps for 15 bucks so when i am out looking for work i can wash my ass and have a clean shirt on my back ppl can talk like all on snap are lazy but most are just trying to feed their kids and get by . thats why the gov is here . they are in the bissness of takeing care of the poeple and if they are geting more form uncle sam then they can form a mcjob then they must be working hard to do so . big up to them . one more thing ... what in your wallet
  12. simon_kenton

    KONY 2012

    it may seem heartless but i say carpet bomb the whole fucking place and then they will not try that shit again even the kids there will like that .
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