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  1. That's cool...I speak with him almost everyday. We go back over 40 years. But, I'm not sure who you are. It's all good though. Peace!! ROLLING THUNDER WONDERS!! TVSQ!! ROC ON CITY!!
  2. Also, another short video of the work of MIN1 Cover photo is MIN1 & Me Enjoy,
  3. This is a hidden gem that I uploaded to youtube last month. This is pre-style wars. 90% of it was filmed in my area of Manhattan. On the cover photo is HEP7, THEFT AND ME. Not sure where this belongs, so, I posted it here. Peace, Dave Nice-
  4. OK guys....lets not let this get personal. It is all good. We are all learning. Hell, I am still learning new things everyday of my life. I think every person on earth learns something new every day. Weather it be ink or other things in general. We all are into graff...it should be a brotherhood. Peace.
  5. Yes, marsh Pigment dries very fast. It dries just as fast as rugular dye type ink. That is because, it is just like dye type ink...with a pigment compoment. People that make their "own" paint ink is just what it is...watered down paint with thinner or whatever, that alone makes paint take forever to dry. So, to make your own paint ink is whack, it fucks up your markers and it is buffable, it does not drip well and it vsucks. Even krink sucks. It is just like watered down silver spray paint that takes forever to dry...it is overrated. If I was not getting it for $5 a jar. I would not have bought it. Garvey Blue ink is great. But, don't bother with blue garvey when you can get a quart of blue dye marsh cheaper and it is just as good. It don't come off. In fact, if they stopped making garvey...it would not be a big deal. Because Marsh is made well, it is cheaper, it comes in more colors and it even comes in pigment. Garvey is good shit...don't get me wrong. But, marsh is just as good. The problem is nobody has really used marsh (except for maybe black). So, you have to see for yourself. The majority of the subway insides that were bombed and could not be buffed...were bombed with Marsh and Flomaster (they were the same componets...more or less. Flomaster went out of business) You could get marsh in 100 different colors in dye and in pigment, it came in 4 oz cans as well as pints and up. But, we got the 4oz cans so we had a choice of so many different colors (the silver pigment was the bomb). Those days are over now. Garvey was a treat back then...we were lucky to get it and when we did, it was always opened. Because, it was snatched from the market, it was before they used price tags, they stamped the price directly on the product with garvey. It was hard to get do to the fact they only sold it to supermarkets in bulk, there was no net back then and Garvey was more or less called "Supermarket ink" not garvey. Quoted post instead of getting gentian violet, get violet garvey, it's color is from gentian violet and it's already mixed porpotionally to be the strongest it can be. gentian blue doesn't exist, the closest substitute i can think of is methylene blue. but hell, i'm pretty sure blue garvey get it's color from methylene blue, and its already mixed as good as it can get, so you might as well get it. OMEN, does the ultraviolet Marsh stain as hard as violet Garvey? and does it last outdoors by itself, or does it fade like straight garvey does? Quoted post I have never put the ultraviolet marsh side by side with violet garvey for a buff test. However, the ultraviolet is a bitch to buff, it has a better color than garvey and you get twice as much for a few bucks more than garvey cost. However, to ensure it has staining power as well as long term outdoor use. Mix violet garvey with violet pigment marsh. I don't normally mix inks for staining reasons (because, these inks are so good, there is not much more you can do to them to make them more permanent. you will have a bigger chance of fucking up the original components the chemists used to make their product. Being these inks are industrial, they made them as permanent as possible. The garvey is stamping ink for prices to go directly on the metal/plastic and if they could make it more permanent they would have...look under at the bottom of a soda can and you will see numbers in ink. Try to buff it and see how hard it is to remove). I mix it for making different colors. Weather I am trying to make it darker or I use the "paint" pigment to make a whole different color. With a white pigment marsh as the base, you have your pigment and then you can mix in your dye type for your color. It has always been a success. Because, you have the staining power of the dye and the weather proof with the pigment. So, in essence, all you need is garvey and marsh pigment...period! Straight violet marsh pigment will last years outdoors and it is a fresh color and you can get more ink for the price. Garvey stains hard. But, it is not weather friendly like pigment marsh is. The garvey fades just with the dam sun hitting it. Why that happens, I don't know. Because, it never comes off on alot of surfaces...no matter what you try to buff it. But, if you use garvey on a porous surface outdoors, it sinks in and stays there forever. But, for street bombing, if you want your tags to last forever...you have to use pigment. There is no need to add break fluid, fish oil, saw dust or whatever some dudes mix with their ink to fuck it up. Just use it raw dog. I could not have said it any better brother. :)
  6. OK, so it is squashed now and we can move on to more important things. Peace. ;)
  7. Hmmmm, white marsh is paint (paint type pigment) and it will last well over 20 years out doors (marsh pigment that is...mixed with nothing). As far as making a dope blue color...you can get Garvey in blue dye type, it has a nice dark electric blue color that stains just as good as the violet. If you take a look at the Marsh site I posted above...you can get black pigmeant and violet pigmeant and a couple of other colors in pigment. I think you can get a whole quart of black marsh dye for 17 bucks and pigment for 22 I think. That is a hell of alot of ink and the ink mixed with nothing will last forever outdoors...it is paint type ink and it is so thin that you could put it in a miniwide or pilot type marker and it will flow nicely...even the drips will last 20 or 30 years..maybe more, outside. Mix some dye type in it and you can make your colors. Even the marsh dye type ink is very good, it comes in more colors than garvey and you can get not pints but quarts for a really good price. The marsh "ultra-violet" dye type ink is pretty high power. Most people have never used it on this site. But, I have and it is just as good as garvey and you can't go wrong with the price and the amount...then you have marsh pigment and that is fresh too. The pigment violet mixed with blue marsh dye type is fresh. Hell, you can make plenty of fresh colors. The good thing with pigment marsh is it is just like mixing different color paint to make your own color. Get a can of white for the base...all the marsh pigment is just as thin as the dye type. They used to make marsh silver in pigment and it was great, it dripped, lasted forever, would not ruin your nibs and was just good ink. I am sad they took it off the market. It is hard to make something that is made by the professionals that would be any better. I tried for years and realized to stick with a Garvey/Marsh pigment (paint) ink combo. The marsh site can also get you colors not listed...they just have to order it for you...at the same low price. Marsh ink :king: http://www.detroitcodemark.com/Hand%20Mark...%20-%20TINK.htm Edit: <!--QuoteBegin-sMaLLzOnE@Mar 10 2005, 02:49 AM Omen, that is exactly what a chalk marker is but bigger..So why did you say toy's used 'em..? Quoted post Save the drama homes. Your bullshit is not needed or wanted on this board. There is nothing you can teach any of us here. I was being sarcastic when I made that statement. I had a moderator clean up that other thread with your comments and me feeding into them. I could not believe I was letting some kid like you, make me get stupid. That thing was squashed and yet you still want to cause problems...just leave it alone now. As far as technikal, he is not brown nosing anyone...he is just calling things as he sees them. I have ALOT of solid data on this thread that is useful for serious people. So, instead of trying to start problems for no reason. How about trying to learn something and maybe it will give you some ideas. Causing drama is only going to get you banned and your posts deleted. Why you want to continue bullshit is very toy of you. We are here to talk about ink. Not cause problems over petty non-sense that was already squashed. Others give me the same respect as I give them and I am sure technikal and the rest of us serious people feel the same way. There is nothing you can tell me about anything. However, if you show some respect, you will get respect. An attitude like yours will get you no where fast and it does not impress anyone at all. Did you think others were going to jump on your bandwagon and start problems on this thread with you? If you did, you are mistaken. I may have made a witty comment (on another thread). I was just joking around. But, for some reason you took it personal, like I hit some nerves or something. So lets squash this bullshit before it gets out of hand. How does that sound? ;)
  8. Rap & hip hop sux....G-Unit, gimmie a break! The only rapper I remotely enjoy and I think is the best is Eminem. The rest of the rappers these days come a dime a dozen...they are all clones that have no talent, they use a beat box and shout in a mic. You can't compare it to real talent like rock groups that make real music. Plus, common sense dictates why Eminem is the best rapper, just like the best writers are... Hmmmmm? I grew up on old school rap from the very early 80's and that had style. Now it is just a rerun of the same old bullshit, tec-9's, smoking blunts and killing Whitley. They are garbage. When I see a white kid walking around like someone he is not...with his pants hanging down, a fade type haircut a doo rag and talking like he is from Harlem but lives in the country. I feel like putting my foot up his ass. Most people don't know where the style of wearing your pants hanging off your butt came from. They just do it to be accepted and think it is cool. The style started in jail. When you went to jail a lot of the times the prison clothes did not fit (meaning it was too big) So, you would see inmates walking around holding up their prison greens up or they just let them hang. Somehow that developed into some sort of street style and 99% of the people that wear their pants that way, don't know where the style stemmed from. Also, wearing your sneakers and boots unlaces or with no laces also came from prison. Because, they would take your shoe laces away when you went in for processing and the same with a belt. Hence, the pants would hang down and your shoes would flop. The removel of the belt and or the over sized prison greens developed some sort of style that you see idiots wear on the streets today. I spent 7 years in prison and saw it all. I am not proud to say I was in Attica, Sing Sing, Rikers Island, etc; But, it made me hard and it made me strong and see things in a different light. Later.
  9. Being I never used them, I just assumed the nib was not as rugged as a thick strip of felt. But, if you can bomb rough surfaces from brick to rock to glass with them, then they must be OK. However, I will stick with what works for me. If I did not have the stuff I have now I might use them. The nibs on my mops made from erasers are extra wide about an inch and a half of rugged drippyness. But, I suppose those face paints are fuctional...they beat a blank. ;)
  10. Those chalk, face paint and Squeezie look proper. Just take out that bullshit nib that comes with them and put a thick folded eraser in as a nib and tear shit up...of course after you take the garbage that is in those containers out and put in the correct ink Garvey/marsh--pigment. Marsh pigment is just as thin as the dye type, it is just pigmented instead. So, it will not clog up anything. I use straight Marsh Pigment in my miniwides and it flows like fluid. I guess if you can't get your hands on an arrid "type" container they are the next best thing. The good thing about arrid & round 4oz shoe polish containers is you can put the cap back on regardless if you have a fat eraser strip as the nib. The eraser nibs will last forever, they won't wear out and they don't get snagged on shit...they go over everything and are drippy as hell. Peace. :king:
  11. I would never use "face paint." Just get pigment ink....that way it is weather proof and you won't fuck up any markers. "Face paint" is not made for any type of marker. But, Marsh pigment is and of course garvey works with anything. Mix them together and you have the best ink you can find and or make...You will never fuck up a nib and marker again and you can get both inks cheap. It beats fucking up your markers all the time.
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