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Guest imported_Tesseract

So i just got an LG 12x DVD burner cool?

Now all i need to know is how the fuck can

i backup the movies i bought with so much

struggle...and how could i backup a euro (region2)

movie into a us (region1) dvd..you know, cause i'll

be moving to the states soon...

Plus, how can i get rid of subtitles and languages i dont care

about...what are minus disks and what are plus disks?

all that jazz.

I think i have all the software needed, i got

nero 6

dvd shrink

dvd encrypter

smart riper


and a bunch of compressors


please keep it simple.


I understand that its a bit too much of a hussle but i'm sure

some of you cats is in the wonk...so, i'm giving a prize here.

The person that helps the most wins a region1 copy of 'Commandate'

Oliver Stones documentary about Fidel Castro...its dope.

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from what i understand about burning dvd's its a hassle. almost not worth the frusteration.


the plus and minus part is determined by the dvd players. some dvd players only play the plus ones and others only play the minus. think there might be a difference between how much each version holds to.


also when burning dvd's its hard to keep the original quality of the movie (from what i hear). alot of those dvd's look bootleg after you burn them.


as far as the process goes though, you gotta burn the dvd, switch a format or two, then compress it, and burn it back on to another dvd, and after all that, the shit doesnt always work in your dvd player. (again so i hear).


the best reason to buy a dvd burner is if you have a digital cam corder and make your own movies, those being homemade pornos, vacations... just you recording shit, etc and then wanting to put them on dvd so you can watch them.

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on your dvd burner, what does it say as far as plus and minus?


does it say LG 12x dvd + - RW? or does it say LG dvd + or just minus?


if it doesnt have both plus and minus you wont be able to burn in that format.


and again, some dvd players will only play plus's and some only minus's.


i do know that much.

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Tesser, don't listen to tease.


It's extremely easy with current programs to burn a dvd. As easy as put your discs in and press burn. What is somewhat complicated (but even this is simple really) is ripping a dvd. There is a huge difference.


I have a DVD burner and it works fucking fantastic. Back shit up to 4.7 or via dual layer 9+gb. The dvds I burn come out crystal fucking clear, not at all like a bootleg you buy off the streets. The difference between the boots and what you are doing, is that they are using SVCD format MPEG-2, where you will be using the same DVD format that the manufacturer uses. And on top of that, the boots are usually cams in the theatres, which come out shitty no matter what.


For help and all the info you will need, go to http://www.afterdawn.com/. Step-by-steps, prog reviews, different methods, all that shit is there. Have fun.

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