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prismacolor markers


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Originally posted by Ender@Oct 13 2004, 04:17 PM

[wat are trias, nad wat features do they have??


Trias are similar to Prismas sort of. I think Trias are more highend then prisma.


Trias are based on the Pantone system, meaning each tria marker matches a specific pantone color, every marker has 3 different nibs..the broad tip on one end and the fine tip on the other end which comes with a removable ultra fine nib.

Trias blend much easier than prismas..they're just better


Prismas have a much harsher color and they have that ink blot look (like when you hold the pen down on the paper and it just bleeds)

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f'n word!

like jimmy-hat sez stick with books workin wit prisms

or pantones or dem old designs...

nothins worse than spendin a couple hours rockin a

nasty ws or/and character, then watchin it fade to

blank in like a month or less...

i'd say rock scribbles and sick handstyles on slappies

or better yet cut some stencils

the paint lasts longer than the sticker usually


or this one ready ta go...


paint on gold foil sticker

keep at it if you start stencilin...you get better with practice

stumpy wd

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Copics are probably the best (and rarest) sketching markers out. I was lucky enough to stumble on a store that carries them and has zero security.


If you're paying for that shit, you're gonna be shelling out a small fortune for a lot... I'd recommend racking them, if you can find a store.


But yeah, they're better than Prisma's and all that.

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prismas are alright, chartpaks are dope too, especially for tags... but, and the majority of you are probably too young to remember em but the old metal designers where (and still are if you got em, which i do) the best bar none... you cant even touch em... go in the philly sketch thread and peep the dazer, suroc, macosa.. pieces etc...

i swear youll never find a markker as dope.. oh and for yall labels why dont you try a couple layers of clear coat? it will make your shit last 10 times longer... common sense kiddies.....

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i still got my old prismas from like 15 years ago.when they dry out,i

add lighter fluid,resulting in a lighter shade but still kills.i also put

lighter fluid on q-tips for blends.now ya gotsta know about that,rite?

design markers are also dope,too.any of you got a prisma air brush

set for sale? or even a design one?

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Originally posted by Verse@Oct 19 2004, 06:29 AM

:king: Verse

I can't really use prismas

wah wah ohh well.

I don't know how to mix em or what colors to use.

Any advice, I would apreciate it ;)


best to have a blender.brick white also works fine.not all colors blend

well,so i suggest you experiment on a separate sheet before you fill

in your piece.

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