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  1. Hokus


    who cares, just go paint..jeez
  2. Hokus

    Buff Monster

    i didn't know where else to put it, sorry
  3. i was watching G4 the game channel, attack of the show..and i heard them talking about the buff monster which you all know, or i think so..anyways..he was on there painting a painting and they talked to him a little bit..i dunno..just curious if anybody else saw it and what you thought of it.. well i think he seemed like a dink..he was saying somthing about 'hardcore writers' or somthing, and how he aint like that..he just seems kinda lame to me..discuss!
  4. Hokus

    Character Post

    holy crap, that shit is lame..
  5. Hokus

    Ohio Valley

    self promo is lame dude
  6. For: Whore,i didn't read close enough and realized it was suppose to be a one liner, my fault..take it if you want..it don't matter, plus tis kinda hard to see
  7. Hokus

    Character Post

    i can't draw women...i dunno..i can't get the face down..they all look like dudes..dude chicks..bajaj..
  8. New Battle!! Word: Nemek Throw, peice, simples, Due: 2/13
  9. werd that turtle is really dope
  10. god damn this kat is hot
  11. Hokus

    Character Post

    Drawing for me, really isn't somthing i've ever been able to been taught..i sorta just learn it from doing it..just keep drawing until it looks ill..even if you think it looks good..tell yourself it looks like crap..and work harder..until its phenominal
  12. Was in computer class so i drew a little something on paint
  13. i say, Get a dirt bike pussies
  14. rodney mullen made the kickflip
  15. cause its focused on the billboard..
  16. WERd @ that king get a job
  17. Hokus

    Character Post

    those are pretty cool
  18. i think the list is rather long
  19. you got any flix of your painted shit?
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